No Deal Brexit and ISPM 15: pressed wood pallets make movement of pallets in and out of the UK remain easy.

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15th March 2019 – Pressed wood pallets are the better alternatives in logistics and warehouse industries. But wooden pallets are the traditional ones. There is still a cloud of uncertainty around what exactly will happen on 29th March; perhaps a deal, perhaps a delay, or perhaps no deal. Nonetheless, the UK Government are advising businesses about their use of Wood Packaging Material (WPM) in the event of a 'No Deal Brexit';

Sawn Timber Exports 6% Up in Jan-Oct 2018 in Russia

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Sawn timber exports rose 6% up in January-October 2018 in Russia. In January-October 2018, Russia increased its sawn timber exports, both in value and in volume terms. It indicates the statistics published by the Russian Federal Customs Office. Thus, during the first ten mouth  of the current year Russia exported 16.14 million tonnes of sawn timber. That is 6% more than during the respective period of the last year. The total value of the exported Russian sawn timber increased as well. In Janu...

Presswood Pallet Machines: Solutions to Wood Import Decreased by 11% in 2017

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Presswood pallet machines are the good solutions to the price increasing of wood timbers. And PalletMach is the leading manufacturer of presswood pallet machines and pallet block machine in China. Our main items are pressed wood pallet machine and double-head pallet block machine. Besides, we also can supply the whole plan of pallet production. In 2017, the Finnish forest industry goods exports value totalled EUR 11.98 billion. Forest industry products accounted for one-fifth of Finland’s tot...

Pressed Wood Pallet Machine is Helpful Due to Timber Price is Rising

pressed wood pallet machine
Pressed wood pallet machine is helpful to pallets and pallet manufacturers, due to timber prices are rising. Pressed wood pallet machine is designed to produce presswood pallet. But the raw materials for presswood pallet machine are very easy to get. And a lot of wood materials can be made into pressed wood pallet. For example, waste wood, scrap of the wood, sawdust wood chips, wood shaving, wood chips, big chips, raw wood, burned forest, logs, wood board, branches, timber, wood flakes, and w...

Impact of Timber Price Rise on Wooden Pallet and Pressed Wood Pallet

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Wooden pallet and pressed wood pallet are both the option for logistics and warehouse industry. But the price of timber rises continuously, the impact on wooden pallet is very important. Pallet timber increased for the fifth consecutive month; while other timber/wood categories are also showing ongoing monthly increases. The report shows that the prices of both new and used pallets have now increased. The recently published Quarter 4 Packaging and Pallet Timber Index confirms the movements...

Automatic wooden pallet making machine is your better option

automatic wooden pallet making machine
Automatic wooden pallet making machine is the ideal equipment for recycling wood waste. And wood pallet machine is your better option, if you have abundant raw materials. Besides, the raw materials are spreading all over the world. And the price of raw materials is very cheap, even is free. With the development of international globalization, the logistics and warehousing industry is also blossoming rapidly. Hence, wooden pallets are also more and more popular. The wooden pallet is the struct...

How to upgrade the technology of wooden pallets machine?

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Wooden pallets machine is the special equipment to produce pressed wooden pallet. And it is also the featured product of PalletMach. Besides PalletMach is the leading pallet machine manufacturer in China. How to upgrade the technology of wooden pallets machine? Thus, it is the common question for the customers who want to buy pallets machine. The importance of upgrading wooden pallets machine As a kind of common pallet equipment, pressed wood pallet machine has absorbed the advanced technology...

Some common knowledge of automatic pallet machine

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Automatic pallet machine is the machine for producing pressed wood pallet. And we also call it as pressed wood pallet machine, presswood pallet machine, hot press wood pallet machine, and wood pallet moulding machine. PalletMach technical team will give some common knowledge of hot press wood pallet machine. Wood pallet production line consists of some machines, such as wood chipper, wood crushing machine, rotary drum drying machine, pressed wood pallet machine, and other corollary equipment....

Benefits of hot press wood pallet machine investment

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Hot press wood pallet machine is the new type of pallet machine to produce pressed wood pallet. But wood pallet pressing machine from PalletMach is different from the traditional pallet machine. While, the production cost is 50% less than other pallet machines. The following will describe the benefits of pressed wood pallet machine investment. Pallet machine business is running for many years and it is profitable to the owners of pallet machines as well. And pressed wood pallet machine is the...

The market demand for wooden pallet machinery is continuous growing

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Wooden pallet machinery is the ideal equipment for recycling wood waste into wooden pallet. And it is also called pressed wood pallet machine, molded wood pallet making machine, nestable pallet pressing machine. We all know that the economic development can bring along the progress of one country with the continuous scientific development. At the same time, the application of pressed wood pallet is wider and wider, along with the development of logistics. In addition, pallet brings the world....