Presswood Pallet Machines: Solutions to Wood Import Decreased by 11% in 2017

Presswood pallet machines are the good solutions to the price increasing of wood timbers. And PalletMach is the leading manufacturer of presswood pallet machines and pallet block machine in China. Our main items are pressed wood pallet machine and double-head pallet block machine. Besides, we also can supply the whole plan of pallet production.

In 2017, the Finnish forest industry goods exports value totalled EUR 11.98 billion. Forest industry products accounted for one-fifth of Finland’s total exports (EUR 59.71 billion), says Luke (Natural Resource Institute Finland) in its statistics report.

The majority of the Finnish forest industry products export earnings still came from Europe (63%), even though its share has decreased. The share of China increased up to 22% in 2017.

The export value of the pulp and paper industry products came up to EUR 9.08 billion. In real terms, the value of exports decreased by 2% over the previous year. Exports of wooden goods totalled EUR 2.90 billion, showing an increase of 6% over the previous year in real terms (deflated: wholesale price index, 1949=100).

Finland imported 8.68 million cubic metres of wood in 2017. The import volume decreased by 11% over the previous year. Pulpwood accounted for 56%, chips for 31% and logs for 8%. Compared to the previous year, the volume of imported chips increased by 7%.

presswood pallet machines

Presswood pallet machines characteristics from PalletMach

  1. Low cost and proper investment.

Presswood pallet machines from PalletMach engage the advantages of simple process flow, high efficiency, great capacity, and low running expense.

The price of raw materials for presswood pallet machine is lower than timbers’. And raw materials are spreading all over the world, which lower the investment. Normally wood chips and plant straws are the raw materials. PalletMach tested different materials and expanded the ranges.

1.1 Waste wood, scrap of the wood, sawdust, wood shaving, wood chips, big chips, raw wood, burned forest, logs, wood board, branches, timbers, wood flakes, waste furniture, and waste pallets, and so on.

1.2 Contenting rich fiber also can be used to produce the pallets, such as straw, waste kraft paper, bamboo, palm trees, coconut, softwood, cotton straw, wheat straw, corn straw, bagasse, and miscanthus, and so on.

  1. Comprehensive service

We, PalletMach, are the professional pressed wood pallet machine supplier. We can provide the whole set of pressed wood pallet machine, while providing turnkey service.

2.1 Pre-sales service

  1. Act as a good adviser and assistant of clients, to provide the best solution according to your requirements and budget.
  2. Provide drawings for the whole production line of pressed wood.
  3. Help customers with cost and investment analysis according to the local market.

2.2 After-sales service

  1. Ensure the timely delivery of pressed wood pallet machine and provide in-site training for operation and installation.
  2. All kinds of spare parts are supplied all the year round.
  3. PalletMach likes to take 101% responsibility.

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