Glue Mixer Machine

Glue Mixer Machine

 Glue mixer is a electric glue mixer machine used in wood pallet production line process. It applies for the material of glue and wood shavings. Ring glue mixer machine is mainly composed of the mixing tube, stirring shaft, glue supply system, feed inlet, outlet port, cooling system and other components.

Glue mixer machine

Glue mixer is used before start Wood Pallet Making Machine during wood pallet production line.  Raw materials are entering into the glue mixer machine continuously, from the feeding inlet after the measurement. Under the action of feeding shovel, raw materials accelerate motion along the circumferential direction, forming a ring body, and gradually run to the sizing area. The glue is pouring into glue mixer machine along the tangential direction, stirred by the stir claw, so that the glue is mixing with the raw materials adequately. As the raw material distributed radially with different line speed and there is a big speed difference, so friction between the raw material, to achieve uniform sizing effect.

Glue mixer machine features
1. Easy operation. One person can operate it, and also full automatic production process is available.
2. High efficiency. Glue mixer machine adopts reasonable structure design to stir glue with raw material evenly.
3. Stable performance, better quality, and low consumption.
4. Save materials, and low labor and maintenance cost.
5. Durability and solidness. Glue mixing machine is made of high quality steel, and is not easy to rust and deformation.
6. Customization is available according to the requirements of the clients.

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Wood Chipper Machine

Wood Chipper Machine

Wood chipper machine can produce different sizes wood chips. As a professional wood chipper machine manufacturer, PalletMach has designed different sizes of machine according to our customers’ requirement.

wood chipper machine

Wood chipping machine is designed to crush wood chips into perfect shape for pallet materials. And it is preparing qualified materials for wood pallet production.

Wood chipper machine working

Wood Chipper Machine is composed of these main parts: base foundation, chipping body, straight transmit gearing and power engine. The chipping part of the disc wood chipper machine is the disc blades in the chipping body. The disc and the chipping blades welded on the disc rotating fast together. Then the wood materials are transmitted to the chipping place by the transmission device. The wood materials encounter the rotating chipping blades and are cut into wood chips. As the wood materials get shorter, the transmission device will transmit them to the same chipping place. Finally, the wood chips are processed with flat incision, even length and uniform chip thickness.

Wood chipper machine application

Wood chipping machine is one of the main equipment of the whole compressed Wooden Pallet Production Line. Except making wooden pallet for logistics transportation, wood chipper is widely used in the production of paper making, edible fungus, shaving board, sawdust, high density board, fiber board and so on. As famous wood chipper machine manufacturer in China, we supply customers high quality wood pallet machinery on wholesale price.

Wood chipper machine features

  1. The cutting blade of wood chipper can be adjusted to produce different sizes and thicknesses, to meet the paper, fiberboard, particleboard industry requirements of different length wood chips.
  2. The automatic feeding equipment greatly increases the production rate, and saves time and manpower.
  3. High-efficient and energy-saving. Power is saving 40% of equivalent output.
  4. Long service life. The whole machine is made by quality material to prolong the service life.
  5. Good chipping ratio. The chipping ratio is up to 90%.
  6. Easy maintenance. The rear cover of the upper machine frame can be hydraulically (hand)-opened to make the maintenance much easier.
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Rotary Drum Dryer Machine

Rotary Drum Dryer Machine

rotary drum dryer machine

Rotary drum dryer machine is the mechanical equipment using the heat energy to reduce the water of materials. And rotary drum dryer machine is necessary equipment for drying wood shavings which are transferred by the pipe.

  • Power: 7.5~55 kW
  • Capacity: 1.9~26.5 t/h
  • Dimension: 9.0~127.4 m³
  • Weight: 9~73 kg
  • Warranty: 1 year    +86-21-80392223    palletmach

Description of rotary drum dryer machine

Rotary drum dryer machine is the necessary equipment for drying wood shavings during wood pallet production line. And rotary drum dryer is the mechanical equipment using heat energy to reduce the water of materials. The working temperature of rotary drum drying machine can reach up to 150 ℃-180 ℃ and the water content of wood shavings after drying is below 10%.

How does rotary drum dryer machine work?

rotary drum dryer machine flow chart
  1. Material enters into the rotary drum dryer cylinder after transfer system, flied by the raising plate device which are uniform distribution in the drum cylinder.
  2. The material are evenly distributed in rotary drum dryer cylinder which can bear high temperature, then fully contact with the hot air, speed up the drying heat and mass transfer.
  3. During the drying process, under the effect of plate and hot treatment in the rotary drum dryer, the materials are dried well.
  4. At last, the dried material come out from the end of the rotary drum dryer.

Rotary drum dryer machine application

Rotary drum dryer machine is widely used for the drying of straw briquette, charcoal, wood pellet fuel, sawdust briquette, corn straw, soybean straw, cotton stalk, wheat straw, sorghum stalk, wood shavings, sawdust, gingko leaf, mulberry leaves and other fiber materials.

Rotary drum dryer machine characteristics

  1. Our rotary drum dryer have CE certification. The parts of the drying machine we all use nation standard. It can prove our kaolin dryer machine have a high quality.
  2. The internal of rotary drum dryer adopts assembled structure which has improved the accuracy of the equipment, and it is easy to transport and install.
  3. Rotary drum drying machine adopts assembled hoist board so as to exchange heat fully and lower the energy consumption.
  4. Rotary drum dryer is with temperature induction monitor, uniform vibration and airproof setting, which improve performance and productivity efficiently.
  5. The assorted combustion furnace is energy efficient and 50% smaller area, so construction investment is saved 50%.
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