Automatic wooden pallet making machine is your better option

Automatic wooden pallet making machine is the ideal equipment for recycling wood waste. And wood pallet machine is your better option, if you have abundant raw materials. Besides, the raw materials are spreading all over the world. And the price of raw materials is very cheap, even is free.

With the development of international globalization, the logistics and warehousing industry is also blossoming rapidly. Hence, wooden pallets are also more and more popular. The wooden pallet is the structural foundation of a unit load which allows handling and storage efficiencies. And pressed wood pallets offer a high performance, low cost alternative to other types of pallets. And they are highly effective for reuse and export shipping.

automatic wooden pallet making machine

Automatic wooden pallet making machine benifits

PalletMach is the famous wood pallet machine manufacturer in China. At the same time, PalletMach has more than 15 years’ production experience. At present, we have obtained 7 patents for pallet machine and production processes, including 1 patent for invention, 1 patent for design and 5 patents for utility model. In addition, PalletMach wood pallet machines are exported to more than 20 countries and regions. And they are Poland, France, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Tunisia, and so on. Meanwhile, our clients are thinking highly of our pressed wood pallet machine. Besides, PalletMach wood pallet machine is laying the initial foundation for the developments of the international intelligentize warehousing and transportation.

PalletMach pressed wood pallet machine has updated three generations. So you can get the latest generation machine, to make more pallets with low cost. Currently, our Raw Materials R & D department is experimenting the pallet synthesis processes without glue. Soon after, environmentally friendly, energy-saving molded pallets will be put into production. Hence, you will build the formulations of pallet raw material without glue.

Automatic wooden pallet making machine builds good molded wood pallet

Wood pallet machine can produce durable and lighter-weight molded wood pallets. And the final pallet are meeting the IPPC-ISPM 15 export packaging regulations. And they do not require any additional heat treatment or stamping for export use. Therefore, molded wood pallets are ready for export. In addition, they are recoverable and reusable. And the waste pallets and broken pallets are the raw materials for the new molded wood pallets. There is no waste or pollution during the process of build new pallets.

In a word, pressed wood pallet machine is your better option. And PalletMach not only provide high quality machine for you, but also offer nice service to you. We are looking forward to your cooperation.

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