How to upgrade the technology of wooden pallets machine?

Wooden pallets machine is the special equipment to produce pressed wooden pallet. And it is also the featured product of PalletMach. Besides PalletMach is the leading pallet machine manufacturer in China. How to upgrade the technology of wooden pallets machine? Thus, it is the common question for the customers who want to buy pallets machine.

The importance of upgrading wooden pallets machine

As a kind of common pallet equipment, pressed wood pallet machine has absorbed the advanced technology at home and abroad. And it is also has updated three generations. And the first generation has solved the system stability problem. So it lengthened the service life of pallets machine. Then, the second generation settled the scope of raw materials problem. PalletMach tested different raw materials for pallet. Thus, it expanded the range to a lot of materials. And they are wood waste board, sawdust and shavings, waste pallets, bagasse, wheat straw and cotton straw, waste furniture. Finally, we got over the daily capacity problem of pressed wood pallet machine.

How to upgrade wooden pallets machine?

Firstly, PalletMach abandoned the assembled framework hydraulic old traditional press machine. Due to guide instability and deformation of framework, the framework pallets machine has the problems in the long term using. Therefore, we adopt the three-beam four-column guide device structure. So it solves the problems of guide instability and the deformation of framework.

wooden pallets machine

Secondly, there will be the inaccurate pressing of the upper mold and lower mold. Meanwhile, PalletMach adopts the design of “sliding beam” with much stability and precision. In addition, it settles the problem of press inaccuracy of the upper and lower mold. And it also means the problems of the edge burrs has been completely solved. And workers operate grinders to remove burrs, which has become history.

Thirdly, we also upgrade the mould of pressed wood pallet machine. At the same time, we engrave the whole high strength thick steel plate into the mould. And the steel plate is with strong resistance to high temperature and high pressure. So the mould is much higher strength.

Fourthly, we also completely solve the problem of welded oil circuit spilling. And we drill the heat conduction oil way inside the steel plate. So that, the oil way is of well-distributed conduction performance. What’s more, we seal all circuits by removable plugs. Hence, you can easy to maintain and dredge in the later, which will ensure the long service of the mould.

In conclusion, PalletMach is adhering to the principle of upgrading. And we are also testing and developing the new type of pressed wood pallet machine. At present, we have obtained 7 patents for pallets machine and production processes. They are 1 patent for invention, 1 patent for design and 5 patents for utility model. In addition,  our clients think highly of our pressed wood pallet machine.

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