Sawn Timber Exports 6% Up in Jan-Oct 2018 in Russia

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Sawn timber exports rose 6% up in January-October 2018 in Russia. In January-October 2018, Russia increased its sawn timber exports, both in value and in volume terms. It indicates the statistics published by the Russian Federal Customs Office. Thus, during the first ten mouth  of the current year Russia exported 16.14 million tonnes of sawn timber. That is 6% more than during the respective period of the last year. The total value of the exported Russian sawn timber increased as well. In Janu...

3 Important Things About Pallet Pricing & Delivery

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There are a lot of problems with the pallet manufacturing industry such as labor workforce and automation. While challenges exist, PalletMach wouldn’t go as far as making ‘mayhem commercials’. We are, however, working hard behind the scenes to mitigate issues affecting the pallet industry before they impact you. The Perfect Storm If we were going to sum up the circumstances affecting the pallet industry, it would describe it as “The Perfect Storm.” Hurricanes affecting Puerto Rico, f...

Impact of Timber Price Rise on Wooden Pallet and Pressed Wood Pallet

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Wooden pallet and pressed wood pallet are both the option for logistics and warehouse industry. But the price of timber rises continuously, the impact on wooden pallet is very important. Pallet timber increased for the fifth consecutive month; while other timber/wood categories are also showing ongoing monthly increases. The report shows that the prices of both new and used pallets have now increased. The recently published Quarter 4 Packaging and Pallet Timber Index confirms the movements...

Factors influencing the price of presswood pallet making machines

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Presswood pallet making machines are in demand in the pallet machine market. And presswood pallets have a widely application in logistics and warehouse industries. And they are the best alternative pallets due to the rising price of timbers. Why are the presswood pallets popular? Molded wood pallet is one time press molding with the overall structure of the board and 9 support feet. The upper surface of molded wood pallet plate is flat and smooth, to meet the transport of various goods, the lo...