3 Important Things About Pallet Pricing & Delivery

There are a lot of problems with the pallet manufacturing industry such as labor workforce and automation. While challenges exist, PalletMach wouldn’t go as far as making ‘mayhem commercials’. We are, however, working hard behind the scenes to mitigate issues affecting the pallet industry before they impact you.

  1. The Perfect Storm

If we were going to sum up the circumstances affecting the pallet industry, it would describe it as “The Perfect Storm.” Hurricanes affecting Puerto Rico, forest fires in California, a booming housing industry, manufacturing prosperity in the US, looming wood tariffs with Canada, new trucking regulations, unusually wet weather affecting forestation, and record wood exports to China are just a few conditions creating chaos in the marketplace.

  1. Lumber and Material Costs

In particular, these factors have put pressure on pricing of both new and recycled/remanufactured pallets as well as delivery. PalletMach is proud to have navigated most of the havoc with minimal increases in spite of rising hardwood cant prices, which are an indicator of pallet costs. In addition, there has been a twenty-five percent increase in nails and outrageous hikes in transportation costs. However, there is a good news that you can save your money. And you can build your own pressed wood pallets at a low price.

Besides, the raw materials of the machine are easy to get, which low the production cost. A lot of raw materials can be produced into presswood pallet. They are anything contains wood fiber, such as wood chips, logs, timbers, wood shavings, waste wood, waste pallet, straw, and so on. The raw material price is lower than those for the traditional pallet machine.

pallet manufacturing industry

  1. Environmental Protection

Presswood pallet machine is the ideal equipment for wood recycling. Our machine can change the waste into treasure, which processes waste raw material into green pressed wood pallet. Meantime, the final molded wood pallets are stronger than the traditional wooden pallets. Broken wooden pallets are recycled and reused, which also can make new presswood pallet.

Ultimately, PalletMach strives to keep any price increases to a bare minimum. And, we will continue to work hard on updating pallet machines, right when you need them. Through it all, we are committed to service for you. If you have any questions, comments, or would like to continue the discussion, we encourage you to contact us anytime. Our email is [email protected]. Looking forward to your messages.

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