Sawn Timber Exports 6% Up in Jan-Oct 2018 in Russia

Sawn timber exports rose 6% up in January-October 2018 in Russia.

In January-October 2018, Russia increased its sawn timber exports, both in value and in volume terms. It indicates the statistics published by the Russian Federal Customs Office.

Thus, during the first ten mouth  of the current year Russia exported 16.14 million tonnes of sawn timber. That is 6% more than during the respective period of the last year.

The total value of the exported Russian sawn timber increased as well. In January-October 2018 it came up to $3.794 billion having gone up by 15.7%.

sawn timber

In their turn, Russian log exports went down in volume terms, but increased in value terms. In January-October 2018, the Russian log exports came up to 15.119 million m3, having gone down by 4.9% year-on-year.

The total value of the Russian logs exported in January-October 2018 came up to $1.212 billion, which is 1.1% more than during the respective period of 2017.

But the amount of logs is limited. And also the forest is a non-renewable resource. In some cases, trees can take up to fifty years to reach maturity in order to be harvested for commercial use. As a tree grows it sequesters carbon from the atmosphere and that carbon is stored in the wood throughout its life cycle. The carbon forms long chains that are the backbone to cellulose. And cellulose is the primary component of lumber that helps make it a strong and durable material. Many of the products and resources we use every day arrive at our local grocery stores by means of a pressed wood pallet. Pressed wood pallets are a safe, durable, and sustainable way to transport goods and materials needed across the world.

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Pressed wood pallet is the sustainable way to reuse wood.

Wood is strong, flexible, and has been used in a variety of applications for hundreds of years because it is safe and is a renewable resource. And compressed wood pallets are made from wood wastes. Meantime, they are wood chips, the scrap of the wood, sawdust, wood shaving, big chips, raw wood, burned forest, logs, wood boards, branches, timbers, wood flakes, and waste pallets, and so on. Besides, things containing rich fiber also can be used to produce compressed pallets, such as straws, waste kraft paper, bamboo, palm trees, coconut husks, softwood, wheat straws, bagasses, and miscanthus, and so on.

PalletMach has tested different materials and expanded range to wood waste. So, it is fully taking advantage of small diameter timber, branches and wood processing residues. At the same time, it reduces the production cost significantly. What’s more, it also protect the forest.

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Pressed wood pallet machine is the ideal equipment for recycling wood waste. And presswood pallet machine is changing wood waste into new pressed wood pallets. PalletMach is the leading presswood pallet machine manufacturer in China. PalletMach presswood pallet machines are sold all over the world, such as France, Finland, Spain, Tunisia, Romania, Dubai, Russia, Ukraine, Argentina, Peru, South Africa, and other countries and regions. In addition, our clients think highly pressed wood pallet machine and pallet block machine.

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