Know More About Automatic Pallet Nailing Machine

Automatic Pallet Nailing Machine
Automatic pallet nailing machine is used to produce American and Euro standard pallets. PalletMach is one of the professional automatic pallet nailing machine manufacturers in China, and we have more than 15 years’ experience in manufacturing automatic pallet nailing machine. This article will let you know more about automatic pallet nailing machine. Benefits of automatic pallet nailing machine To cater to the growing demands of pallets, various types of automatic pallet nailing machines a...

Plastic Pallet VS Wooden Pallet around Customs Implications

wooden pallets
Plastic pallet is more and more popular in the warehouse and logistics industries. But we should know the difference between plastic pallet VS wooden pallet around customs implications. International exporters need to consider the materials they use in their shipping logistics, beyond the contents of the load, for a variety of reasons. Depending on the shipment, there will be important durability and hygiene standards to meet. However, if the shipment is to be dispatched via wooden pallets, it i...

Molded Wood Pallets – The Stepping Stone to Sustainable Logistics

pressed wood pallets
Although a wide range of factors continues to influence the modern logistics supply chain, a number of components, machines, and systems that make up the holistic chain still lack optimal efficiency and environmental regulation compliance. As stakeholders explore alternative solutions, pallet manufacturers are turning to a sustainable process to convert wood waste, damaged logs, and even agriculture residues into molded wood pallets. Their efforts have been complimented and encouraged by ...

Identifying Key Items for Proper Pallet, PalletMach Gives Some Guides

proper pallets
Do you have any questions about how to choose proper pallets for your business? How to build your own pallets? Do you want to recycle wood waste into treasure? PalletMach will give some guides, hoping to useful for you. Whether or not your pallets are wooden, plastic, composite, or corrugate it is very important to understand their tolerances in specific environments and applications. Through the smallest of manual operations to the largest automated processes… each pallet provides a unique t...

No Deal Brexit and ISPM 15: pressed wood pallets make movement of pallets in and out of the UK remain easy.

pressed wood pallets
15th March 2019 – Pressed wood pallets are the better alternatives in logistics and warehouse industries. But wooden pallets are the traditional ones. There is still a cloud of uncertainty around what exactly will happen on 29th March; perhaps a deal, perhaps a delay, or perhaps no deal. Nonetheless, the UK Government are advising businesses about their use of Wood Packaging Material (WPM) in the event of a 'No Deal Brexit';

Holiday Notice of Spring Festival 2019

Happy Chinese New Year
Dear customers, Thank you for visiting PalletMach website. It is kindly informed that our company is scheduled for the 10 days holidays. And the holidays are from February 1st, 2019 (Friday) to February 10th, 2019 (Sunday) for Chinese New Year Holiday. We will be back to work on February 11th, 2019 (Monday). Sorry for anything inconvenient to you. Please feel free to contact us via or +86 18521590671, if you have something urgent to get the answer. You may submit...

Pressed Pallet Block Machine is The Good Solution To Round Wood Prices Increased

pressed pallet block machine
Pressed pallet block machine is designed to produce pressed pallet block. And it is very simple equipment that recycling wood wastes. Meantime, pressed pallet block machine produces pressed pallet block with high temperature and high pressure. But the fact is the price of timber rises. Round wood prices in Estonia increased again in October 2018, similar to the rapid rise in prices which started at the end of 2017 and lasted until the beginning of 2018. The price trend for pine sawlogs has...

Plywood Mills in Malaysia and Indonesia Forced to Stop Production

presswood pallet machine
Some plywood mills in Malaysia and Indonesia were forced to stop production due to serious supply shortage. While all mills are in danger by the high log costs and the low sales prices for plywood products in both countries. As one of Malaysian newspaper reported, one of the big plywood mills has already stopped plywood manufacturing because of log supply shortage. The company used to supply approximately 4,000 m3 of structural and concrete forming plywood a month for the Japan market. Als...

Sawn Timber Exports 6% Up in Jan-Oct 2018 in Russia

pressed wood pallet machine
Sawn timber exports rose 6% up in January-October 2018 in Russia. In January-October 2018, Russia increased its sawn timber exports, both in value and in volume terms. It indicates the statistics published by the Russian Federal Customs Office. Thus, during the first ten months of the current year Russia exported 16.14 million tonnes of sawn timber. That is 6% more than during the respective period of the last year. The total value of the exported Russian sawn timber increased as well. In...

Deposit Rises Tenfold Expansion Only during Christmas & New Year

Christmas & New Year sales
Deposit rises tenfold expansion from PalletMach during Christmas & New Year The latest sales promotion from PalletMach, and it is good news for all customers. It is the Christmas & New Year sales. Only do from December 12, 2018, through January 31, 2019, these concessions run. If you are interested in our products, please send email to us as soon as possible. The following is the Special Offers information: Dates: 12/12/2018—31/1/2019 $99.99 = Amazi...