Testing Moulded Plastic Pallet Machine for Spanish Customers

moulded plastic pallet machine
PalletMach had made alive that testing moulded plastic pallet machine for Spanish customers in November 2020. And the testing is very successful. The following is the detail. This plastic mould pallet production line is custom-made for our Spanish customers. The entire production line includes two feeding methods for different raw materials, one is belt conveying reinforced feeding, and the other is roller conveying film material-masterbatch device-plastic extruder, automatic feeding device, q...

What do you want to know about plastic pallet machines?

plastic pallet machines
Plastic pallet machines are the ideal equipment for producing pressed plastic pallets with high pressure. And they are also the distinct pallet machine of PalletMach. Meanwhile, PalletMach is the famous supplier of plastic pallet press machine. What do you want to know about plastic pallet machines? Pressed plastic pallet machine is one of the most popular pallet machines in the current market. The main reason for the popularity is that the production cost is 50% lower than other plastic pall...

Correct operation of plastic pallet production line

plastic pallet making line
Plastic pallet production line is the whole production line for making plastic pallet with high pressure. And, whole plastic pallet production line is including preparing raw materials machine and plastic pallet making machine. In addition, plastic pallet making machine is the upgrading generation of presswood pallet machine. Without correct operation, the high-quality plastic pallet making line will not bring high production efficiency. The following will discuss the correct operation of...