Testing Moulded Plastic Pallet Machine for Spanish Customers

moulded plastic pallet machine
PalletMach had made alive that testing moulded plastic pallet machine for Spanish customers in November 2020. And the testing is very successful. The following is the detail. This plastic mould pallet production line is custom-made for our Spanish customers. The entire production line includes two feeding methods for different raw materials, one is belt conveying reinforced feeding, and the other is roller conveying film material-masterbatch device-plastic extruder, automatic feeding device, q...

Molded Wood Pallets – The Stepping Stone to Sustainable Logistics

pressed wood pallets
Although a wide range of factors continues to influence the modern logistics supply chain, a number of components, machines, and systems that make up the holistic chain still lack optimal efficiency and environmental regulation compliance. As stakeholders explore alternative solutions, pallet manufacturers are turning to a sustainable process to convert wood waste, damaged logs, and even agriculture residues into molded wood pallets. Their efforts have been complimented and encouraged by ...

Pallet Deck Board Chamfer Making Machine

Pallet deck board chamfer making machine
Automatic chamfering machine for wooden pallet Pallet deck board chamfer making machine When the equipment is running, the worker puts the whole piece of wood to be processed on the operation table. When placing the wood, it is necessary to pay attention to placing the wood in the feeding trough of the machine operation table to prevent the wood material from shifting during the movement. The wood is pushed forward at a constant speed to the cutting blade as the chain runs, and the blade...

Identifying Key Items for Proper Pallet, PalletMach Gives Some Guides

proper pallets
Do you have any questions about how to choose proper pallets for your business? How to build your own pallets? Do you want to recycle wood waste into treasure? PalletMach will give some guides, hoping to useful for you. Whether or not your pallets are wooden, plastic, composite, or corrugate it is very important to understand their tolerances in specific environments and applications. Through the smallest of manual operations to the largest automated processes… each pallet provides a unique t...

How to Deal With Wood Waste in The Furniture Factories?

furniture factories
As we all know that there are a lot of wood waste in the furniture factories. But, how to deal with the abundant wood chips and sawdust? PalletMach will give the survey in the following. What kind of story is behind the successful solid wood furniture? The answer is starting with how the furniture is produced. Simply put, one piece of solid wood furniture from timber to the final furniture has mainly included the following processes: cutting, drying, pressing, engraving, woodworking, grind...