How to Deal With Wood Waste in The Furniture Factories?

As we all know that there are a lot of wood waste in the furniture factories. But, how to deal with the abundant wood chips and sawdust? PalletMach will give the survey in the following.

What kind of story is behind the successful solid wood furniture? The answer is starting with how the furniture is produced.

Simply put, one piece of solid wood furniture from timber to the final furniture has mainly included the following processes: cutting, drying, pressing, engraving, woodworking, grinding-painting and waxing.

In each of these steps, there are inevitably the remaining material produced. Where are these residue materials coming from and where are they going? With this problem, PalletMach visited many furniture companies. And then, we found that these materials mainly include: bark, cutting materials, residual materials, natural defects materials, carved materials, wood chips, wood powder. How to deal with these leftover materials in the furniture factory? Burn them! Sell ‚Äč‚Äčthem! And they are the common answer.

Burn off

Most furniture companies have their own drying workshops, which can provide some energy supply by burning the leftover material. This method is popular among most furniture factories, because it is simple and directly effective.

But it is undeniable that the potential value of wood itself is much greater than the value of the combustion. It is a great waste that in the way of burning the wood scraps.


Selling the wood waste seems to be simpler. It not only can solve the waste accumulation in the workshop production at a time, but also can improve the working environment of the workers. At the same time, the leftover materials sold can be directly converted into the income of the funds.

However, the price of the leftover materials is very low which resold in this way. The price of 1 ton of surplus materials is around RMB800-1000, which is far from the price of purchased materials.

Design reengineering

Some mahogany furniture factories will make the leftover materials into ornaments or handicrafts, such as bracelets. This design re-creation makes the leftover material to create value far greater than the material itself.

However, considering the worker and equipment, it is still difficult to achieve on the large scale production. Other disposals include making production tools, filling furniture, and so on.

Furniture companies have a strong desire to use wood leftover materials, but they suffer from no good solution.

PalletMach is involved in wood waste disposal for more than 15 years. Besides, we can give you the better answer. Turning these wood waste into compressed wood pallets.

In the market, it is rare to see enterprises that use wood furniture as raw materials to make pallets. Does it mean that furniture can not be used as pallets? The results show that it is completely feasible to use wood chips for pallets! And there is also the fairly mature process at home and abroad!

Wood working enterprises can use wood waste to manufacture pallets, while saving costs, they can also enjoy preferential tax policies in relevant countries.

But why rarely see the companies do this? Because the solid wood furniture factories generally do not have the production line for making pallets. If they want to produce pallets, they need another a lot of investment in the early stage. On the one hand, it is simple and rude, on the other hand, it needs investment, but the return is far away. Most companies have chosen the former.

Future of pallet machine in furniture factories

furniture factories

In the long run, the production of pallets is undoubtedly a good choice. At the same time, furniture factories should establish the perfect residual material recycling system based on their specific conditions. Besides, they also should give specific solutions for different leftover materials. It not only can bring intuitive economic benefits to enterprises, but also more importantly, raise the awareness of environmental protection. Thus, it is far-reaching for furniture industries and the industry as a whole.

PalletMach can provide the whole one stop solution for pallet production. And our main item is wood pallet machine. If you are interested in wood waste recycling, please contact us via email [email protected].


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