Pressed Wood Pallet Machine is Helpful Due to Timber Price is Rising

Pressed wood pallet machine is helpful to pallets and pallet manufacturers, due to timber prices are rising.

Pressed wood pallet machine is designed to produce presswood pallet. But the raw materials for presswood pallet machine are very easy to get. And a lot of wood materials can be made into pressed wood pallet. For example, waste wood, scrap of the wood, sawdust wood chips, wood shaving, wood chips, big chips, raw wood, burned forest, logs, wood board, branches, timber, wood flakes, and waste pallets, and so on. Besides, contenting rich fiber also can be used to produce the pallets, such as straw, waste kraft paper, bamboo, palm trees, coconut, softwood, wheat straw, bagasse, and miscanthus, and so on.

raw materials for pressed wood pallet

Currently the UK produces just under half of the timber used domestically, with the majority of the rest being imported from Latvia. But this is set to change due to several economic factors.

Why is The Price of Timber Set to Rise in The UK?timbers

Unfortunately it looks like timber prices are on the rise in the UK, and that’s on top of 2017’s price rise of over 20%. Rising timber prices are not unheard of in the UK, timber has been on the rise for over a decade. However, the latest information indicates that several factors impacting the industry will contribute to further sharp price rises.

Here are some of the key factors:

  1. UK logging is exceeding UK planting. But it is now replanting about half as many trees as we did a decade ago.
  2. Private ownership of forests is on the rise, and owners are selling less timber, driving up the demand and the price.
  3. The UK’s major supplier, Latvia, has experienced difficulty delivering timber due to challenging weather conditions this year.
  4. The UK relies on imported timber to meet demands, but exporting to the UK is becoming less attractive.
  5. Exporters are being paid more for their timber when selling to countries other than the UK, for example: emerging markets in Asia and recovering markets in Europe
  6. Other import options from European countries are priced significantly higher than current Latvian imports.
  7. Timber has become a more popular construction material, so driving up demand and price.
  8. Brexit has impacted the strength of the pound and the economy is less stable than in recent years.
  9. Logistics costs are on the rise again, which has affected imported timber prices as well as delivery.

Pallet prices are on the rise across Europe

The factors mentioned above are not only having an impact on the UK, but also the whole of Europe. Thus new pallet prices is rising by as much 25%. This is having a knock-on effect on used pallets due to increased demand coming from buyers who have had to use pallets.

So what does this mean for you? Are pallet prices going to double over night? No, absolutely not, but you will likely see a small price rise. Why stick with wood pallets if the cost is rising? Wood pallets are still the smart business choice and the most environmentally-friendly solution on the market. They’re also still the most cost-effective! They can typically be re-used for many years, they come from a renewable, sustainable choice, and they can be recycled responsibly at the end of their life. In the meantime, it’s important not to lose sight of the fact that timber still remains the most economical choice of raw material for manufacturing pallets. It is also the most environmentally friendly: it is reusable, repairable and recyclable and is a vital part of the circular economy. In addition, broken wood pallets are the new raw materials for making pressed wood pallet.

What can you do when timber price is rising?

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Pressed wood pallet machine

pressed wood pallet machine

  1. High precision.

The machine adopts three-beam four-column structure. The four column guide device assures the precision of closing moulds and the stability of pressing during the working of press machine.

  1. High durability.

The raw materials of pallet pressing machine are all the durable materials, to minimize maintenance of the machine. The upper mold is integrated with the “Sliding beam”, which doubles the strength, stability and precision.

  1. High capacity.

The capacity can up to 180 pallets 24 hours.

  1. High automation.

Pressed wood pallet machine can achieve all the process automatically controlled by PLC system.

  1. Better molds design.

The final pallet is one-piece design with round edges without burrs. So they can stack easily and space saving 60% than the traditional pallet.

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