Some common knowledge of automatic pallet machine

Automatic pallet machine is the machine for producing pressed wood pallet. And we also call it as pressed wood pallet machine, presswood pallet machine, hot press wood pallet machine, and wood pallet moulding machine. PalletMach technical team will give some common knowledge of hot press wood pallet machine.

Wood pallet production line consists of some machines, such as wood chipper, wood crushing machine, rotary drum drying machine, pressed wood pallet machine, and other corollary equipment. And all these machines are necessary for wood pallet production line. Besides, PalletMach will talk about the profit from the investment in the wood pallet production line with you. As the professional pallet machine manufacturer, PalletMach has more than 15 years’ production line. Meanwhile, pressed wood pallet machine is the ideal equipment for recycling wood waste. And it can turn wood waste into wood pallet, that is, turn waste into wealth.

automatic pallet machine

Hot press wood pallet machine can be customized with the machines of different models. And it not only can work independently, but also can combine with other machines into pallet production line. In addition, you also can get more information, if you tell us about your investment.

The following will help you to get more details about automatic pallet machine.

  1. Do you have which of raw material?
  2. What is the usual size of the raw material?
  3. What size is  the final wood pallet?
  4. Which capacity  do  you want to?

PalletMach can provide one-stop solution to wood pallet. And we have helped more than 300 key clients to build their own pallet plant, who come from Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and Australia. At present, our raw material R&D department is experimenting with pallet synthetic process without glue. Before long, pallets without glue which is more environmental and lower consumption will be put into production. Then we will provide raw material formula of pallet without glue to all clients.

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