One of the Biggest Sawmills Plans Massive Upgrades in Australia

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One of the biggest sawmills plans massive upgrades in Australia. And it is Timberlink. Timberlink has approved a AUD 100 million (71,8 million USD) upgrade program to its Australian sawmills. This investment will see the total processing capacity of the Australasian sawmilling company increase by over 15%. According to the announcement, the investment will secure over 1,350 direct and indirect jobs in regional Australia for years to come. While it is also supporting the residential housing se...

What to Consider When Investing in Automatic Pallet Block Machine?

automatic pallet block machine
Automatic pallet block machine is the famous block equipment to build blocks for pallets. What matters should be taken into consideration when the investors decide to build their own pallet block? PalletMach will teach you that the answer is three matters: the funds, the site selection and the capacity. All the above three are indispensable. Funds: as for the funds of building automatic pallet block production line, there are two items to consider. When investing in automatic pallet block...

Wood pallet block machines become the environment production products

wood pallet block machines
Wood pallet block machines are the main machine for producing wood pallet blocks. And the pallet blocks are the important parts of wooden pallets which are vital in packing, logistics and warehouse industry. The important element influencing the whole pallet machine industry is to continuously upgrade the modern technology. In order to adapt to the development of wooden pallet industry, PalletMach is upgrading all the pallet block machine. So wood pallet block machines become the environment ...

Wooden block press production line builds your green life

wooden block press production line
Wooden block press production line is the superior product of PalletMach. And PalletMach is the international manufacturer of sawdust block making machine and corollary equipment. With the increasing of people's living standard, people look forward to living the world of green. The demand for logistics industry is increasing year by year, and this also greatly stimulates the development of pallet block machine. Among numerous wood processing machines, sawdust block making machine is the ty...

Choosing compressed wood block machine is the beginning of success

compressed wood block machine
Compressed wood block machine is used to produce blocks for block pallets. It is also known as pallet block machine, pallet block making machine, sawdust block extruding machine, and so on. Choosing pallet block machine is the beginning of success. But someone maybe has some doubts about it. So the following will give some reasons that pallet block machine will help investors make a success. Compressed wood block machine is the beginning of investment success First, the production cost of p...

Summary the features of sawdust pallet block moulding machine

sawdust pallet block moulding machine
Sawdust pallet block moulding machine is the new machine of making blocks for wood pallet. And pallet block machine consists of the frame, electric cabinet, the mould, the saw, and other accessories. Besides, wood block hot press machine is the key equipment of wood pallet block making line, including the dryer, mixing glue machine, manual or automatic cutting machine. Working principle Wood block hot press machine is driven by electrical motor and provide hydraulic thrust by oil pump, and...

Pallet block machine supplier from China

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Pallet block machine supplier, Shanghai Pallet Machinery Co., Ltd. is devoting ourself to manufacturing high quality pallet block machine for the customers at home and abroad. Shanghai Pallet Machinery is well recognized worldwide as an international pallet block machines provider. We can supply pallet block machine, pallet block making machine, and supporting equipment and so on. What’s more, we can customize pallet block machine to suit the customers’ individual business requirements. So it...

Why does the pallet block machine get the client’s widely recognized?

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Pallet block machine is the specialized machine for the production of pallet block. In the warehousing, packaging and transportation industry, it seen that a variety of pallet block, commonly known as wood pallet block, shavings pallet block, sawdust pallet block. The role of pallet block is to protect the product avoiding squeezing or collision in the transport process, so it is very popular in the logistics and transport industry. Pallet block is a new type product that can replace the solid w...

Presswood Pallet Block Machine For Sale

double-head pallet block making machine
Presswood pallet block machine is used to make wood pallet blocks, the raw material can be wood sawdust, wood shavings, wood waste etc. The final presswood pallet block comes with excellent water proof quality, so that it could soak in water 48 hours without cracking. The final product made by presswood pallet block machine has smooth surface and uniform size, more beautiful compared with plywood block. Now we have three models with different capacity: single-head, double-head, an...

Wood pallet block making machine for sale

pallet block making machine
Wood pallet block making machine is used to produce wood blocks for wood pallets. And it  is also called compresswood pallet block making machine. While, the wood pallet block making machine mainly includes three types of specifications: single head, double-head, and three-head. The raw material is sawdust and shavings, and double-head pallet block making machine is the best selling product. How does wood pallet block making machine working? Hydraulic cylinder provides high pressure...