Pressed Pallet Block Machine is The Good Solution To Round Wood Prices Increased

pressed pallet block machine
Pressed pallet block machine is designed to produce pressed pallet block. And it is very simple equipment that recycling wood wastes. Meantime, pressed pallet block machine produces pressed pallet block with high temperature and high pressure. But the fact is the price of timber rises. Round wood prices in Estonia increased again in October 2018, similar to the rapid rise in prices which started at the end of 2017 and lasted until the beginning of 2018. The price trend for pine sawlogs has...

One of the Biggest Sawmills Plans Massive Upgrades in Australia

pallet block machine
One of the biggest sawmills plans massive upgrades in Australia. And it is Timberlink. Timberlink has approved a AUD 100 million (71,8 million USD) upgrade program to its Australian sawmills. This investment will see the total processing capacity of the Australasian sawmilling company increase by over 15%. According to the announcement, the investment will secure over 1,350 direct and indirect jobs in regional Australia for years to come. While it is also supporting the residential housing se...