Wooden block press production line builds your green life

wooden block press production line
Wooden block press production line is the superior product of PalletMach. And PalletMach is the international manufacturer of sawdust block making machine and corollary equipment. With the increasing of people's living standard, people look forward to living the world of green. The demand for logistics industry is increasing year by year, and this also greatly stimulates the development of pallet block machine. Among numerous wood processing machines, sawdust block making machine is the ty...

Sawdust block making machine for sale

sawdust block making machine
Sawdust block making machine is the equipment producing sawdust block used for pallet, which mainly includes three types of specifications: single-head, double-head, three-head pallet block making machine. Sawdust block making machine working principle The hydraulic cylinder provides high pressure and pushes the piston to extrude and mold the materials. The heating of the heating plate at a high temperature promote the solidification and molding of urea-formaldehyde glue, ...