Presswood Pallet Block Machine For Sale

Presswood pallet block machine is used to make wood pallet blocks, the raw material can be wood sawdust, wood shavings, wood waste etc.

presswood pallet block machine

  1. The final presswood pallet block comes with excellent water proof quality, so that it could soak in water 48 hours without cracking.
  2. The final product made by presswood pallet block machine has smooth surface and uniform size, more beautiful compared with plywood block.
  3. Now we have three models with different capacity: single-head, double-head, and three-head pallet block machine.
  4. The wood block size can be customized according to your needs.Size range from 20mm to 150mm and 90*90mm,100*100mm are the common styles.
  5. One presswood pallet block machine can make two size blocks.

Presswood pallet block machine features

  • Strong bearing capacity, no deformation and can be reused.
  • Pallets can be used in export package, free fumigation, and free quarantine.
  • Insects prevention, and protection against termites and do not easy to burn.
  • This wood pallet block making machine uses hydraulic transmission with high yield.
  • The sawdust block press machine is mainly applicable for sawdust, cotton seeds, shell husk compression moulding material. Hence, the production cost is very lower than other machines.

presswood pallet block machine technical parameters

Model Single-head Double-head Three-head
Size 4900*660*1800 4900*800*1800 4900*940*1800
Capacity 2-3 m3/24 hour 4-5 m3/24 hour 6-8 m3/24 hour
Glue water amount 100-120 kg/m3 100-120 kg/m3 100-120 kg/m3
Density 550-600 kg/m3 550-600 kg/m3 550-600 kg/m3
Weight 1000 kg 1500 kg 2200 kg
Power 12 kW 16-18 kW 24 kW


  1. The presswood pallet block size can be customized according to your needs.
  2. Size range from 20 mm to 150 mm and 90*90 mm,100*100 mm are the common styles.

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