What to Consider When Investing in Automatic Pallet Block Machine?

Automatic pallet block machine is the famous block equipment to build blocks for pallets. What matters should be taken into consideration when the investors decide to build their own pallet block? PalletMach will teach you that the answer is three matters: the funds, the site selection and the capacity. All the above three are indispensable.

automatic pallet block machine

Funds: as for the funds of building automatic pallet block production line, there are two items to consider. When investing in automatic pallet block machine, it should think over the upfront investment fund and the later stage.

1. Funds of the initial investment include the following parts:
a. Site cost or rental fee;
b. Funds of purchasing automatic sawdust block machine;
c. Handling fee of business license and related business procedures.

2. Funds of investment in the later stage:
a. Regular maintenance and repair fee: generally, a supplier will offer the after-sales service for a certain time. When purchasing automatic sawdust pallet block machine, you should make a contract to avoid some unnecessary trouble.
b. Funds of the electricity: it is the running cost of production.
c. Cost of raw materials: this is cheaper than the traditional wooden pallet.
d. Funds of glue: it need some glue to mix with raw materials.

Site Selection of automatic pallet block machine:

It should take everything into consideration and think twice: location is primary important. Then the comprehensive consideration of raw material resources and final compressed wood pallet.

Factors to consider when selecting the sites: raw material resources, land prices, government policy, surrounding environment, market needs, competitor, the funds (most important).

Capacity of automatic pallet block machine:

Capacity is meeting to the market need. Quality must be guaranteed to ensure the riders’ safety.

  1. Automatic pallet block machine must be qualified. And maintain and check the equipment regularly. Besides, we test pallet block machine and ensure them conform to the safety and quality standard before leaving the factory. Meantime, we should forbid to use the equipment which is under repair, unqualified, exceeding the service life, and free-inspection. What’s more, staff of management, maintenance and operation must be trained strictly and with certification.
  1. The emergency plans are indispensable, such as power failure, equipment failure and other unforeseen accident factors.

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