Wood pallet block machines become the environment production products

Wood pallet block machines are the main machine for producing wood pallet blocks. And the pallet blocks are the important parts of wooden pallets which are vital in packing, logistics and warehouse industry.

The important element influencing the whole pallet machine industry is to continuously upgrade the modern technology. In order to adapt to the development of wooden pallet industry, PalletMach is upgrading all the pallet block machine. So wood pallet block machines become the environment protection products.

Wooden pallet block machine is with advanced technologies and be improved gradually. And the better application of pallet block machine is in those wood working projects. The raw materials suitable for pallet block machine are spreading all over the world, especially in wood processing factories. And they are wood waste, wood shavings, wood sawdust, small wood chip, and so on. There are abundant wood waste in wood processing factories and furniture factories. But the disposal of wood waste is the biggest problems for those factories. While wooden pallet block machine is the ideal equipment for recycling wood waste efficiently. Thus, it has the better development prospect.

wood pallet block machines

This machine can greatly lower the production cost, because of low price of raw materials, even for free. And the specific design in the process of pressing the raw materials to improve the production capacity. Besides, the modular structure makes the installation and maintenance easier and lowers the maintenance cost.

The technological process of wood pallet block machines

  1. Crushing the wood, branch, wood waste into sawdust, wood shavings or wood wools (or you have the raw material already).
  2. Drying moisture content of the raw material to 8% (solid block) or 10% (hollow block).
  3. Mixing the dried material with glue evenly, and the ratio of dried material to glue is 85:15.
  4. Pressing the mixture in the wood pallet block machine.
  5. First cutting the product from pallet block machine into long strips.
  6. Second cutting the long strips into the single blocks.

In word, PalletMach is the professional pallet block machine manufacturer in China. And we have more than 15 years’ production experience. In addition, we have exported wooden pallet block machine to more than 20 countries and regions.

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