Summary the features of sawdust pallet block moulding machine

Sawdust pallet block moulding machine is the new machine of making blocks for wood pallet. And pallet block machine consists of the frame, electric cabinet, the mould, the saw, and other accessories. Besides, wood block hot press machine is the key equipment of wood pallet block making line, including the dryer, mixing glue machine, manual or automatic cutting machine.

Working principle

Wood block hot press machine is driven by electrical motor and provide hydraulic thrust by oil pump, and takes the electrical heating board as the heating source, then extrudes through mould into blocks.

sawdust pallet block moulding machine

Features of sawdust pallet block moulding machine

  1. Simple machine

The whole machine is very simple, and occupies small space. At the same time, one worker can handle three pallet block machines.

  1. High efficiency

The capacity is more than 8 m3/d.

  1. Low production cost

The raw materials are the leftover materials of wood processing factories, so they are free. Therefore it lows the production cost.

  1. Environmental friendly

Pallet block machine helps to dispose the wood waste, so as to reduce the pollution. It also meets the requirements of the environmental protection and sustainable development.

  1. Free fumigation

The pallet block is made by hot pressing, so it is free fumigation. Hence, pallet blocks are ready for export, without additional heat treatment. Therefore, they short the customs clearance time.

  1. Different size in one machine

One machine can make two size blocks. In addition, the customers can customize the size of the mould. So, the customers can produce different size of blocks.

  1. Good final pallet block

Final pallet blocks are smooth surface and uniform size, and more beautiful compared with plywood block. And blocks come with excellent water proof quality, so that it could soak in water 48 hours without cracking.

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