4 Benefits of Using Branded Presswood Pallets to Save Your Business Money

branded presswood pallets
Your shipping presswood pallets cover thousands of kilometres, multiple countries and an immeasurable number of people. They are the perfect way to get your brand recognised worldwide, without having to launch a global advertising campaign. Why is brand recognition important for presswood pallets? Every presswood pallet you send out into the world is an opportunity to represent your business. Whatever your business, branding matters. A consumer forms an opinion about a business based on eve...

Recycling Aims of Wood Packaging Cut by Half

compressed wood pallets
Recycling aims of wood packaging have been reduced by more than half under the latest set of proposed European Union aims. Consequently, there is some uncertainty about the future of the UK’s confirmed wood recycling aims for 2019 and 2020 – which are set under the PRN system – and the knock-on impact on the value of wood PRNs. The change in European thinking has come because of the strong biomass demand for waste wood and end-of-life wooden pallets, which are the main form of wood packagi...

Why Use Compressed Wood Pallets for Packaging and Delivery

compressed wood pallet machine
Compressed wood pallets are used extensively in industries around the world for packaging, storage and delivery. These self-supporting structures work wonderfully to store or ship lightweight or fragile items, with the food industry especially using them to store and deliver food. With numerous benefits to boot, it’s not hard to see why presswood pallets are so heavily used by numerous industries that require a versatile and dependable packaging method for their delicate stock. D...

Why Do We Choose Compress Wood Pallets Machine?

compress wood pallets machine
Compress wood pallets machine is the special machine for compressed wood pallets. And it is also the outstanding wood pallet machine from PalletMach. As we all know, wooden pallets will require to be certified and accompanied with an approved IPPC stamp. That is, all wooden pallets are required heat treatment before export. But, compressed wood pallets produced by compress wood pallets machine are with no need for additional heat treatment. Why do we heat treat wooden pallets and crates? W...