Recycling Wood Waste and Plastic Waste Will Benefit Circular Economy

raw material for recycling wood waste
Recycling wood waste and plastic waste is good for our environment. And recycling waste is also in accord with the demand of circular economy. Besides, recycling is the right philosophy of sustainability. We firmly believe that 2018 is going to be a great year for recycling. A lot of government is becoming more committed to reducing our reliance on single use plastic products and consumers are becoming more aware of recycling initiatives. We all understand that recycling and reusing is goo...

Why Use Compressed Wood Pallets for Packaging and Delivery

compressed wood pallet machine
Compressed wood pallets are used extensively in industries around the world for packaging, storage and delivery. These self-supporting structures work wonderfully to store or ship lightweight or fragile items, with the food industry especially using them to store and deliver food. With numerous benefits to boot, it’s not hard to see why presswood pallets are so heavily used by numerous industries that require a versatile and dependable packaging method for their delicate stock. D...