4 Benefits of Using Branded Presswood Pallets to Save Your Business Money

Your shipping presswood pallets cover thousands of kilometres, multiple countries and an immeasurable number of people. They are the perfect way to get your brand recognised worldwide, without having to launch a global advertising campaign.

branded presswood pallets
Why is brand recognition important for presswood pallets?

Every presswood pallet you send out into the world is an opportunity to represent your business.
Whatever your business, branding matters. A consumer forms an opinion about a business based on every single interaction and point of contact. It’s not just about making sure your employees look the part or your emails are professional. Every presswood pallet you send out into the world is an opportunity to represent your business the way you want to be seen.

Your customers buy into your brand on the basis of what they think your brand stands for. When you design and distribute marketing materials, you are creating something that inspires consumers to think of your company as a credible, professional and reliable organization.

The benefits of branded presswood pallets

Where branding in the shipping chain really saves you dollars, is in its ability to deliver messages for you.

1. Expand the reach of your branded presswood pallets.

Instead of trying to spread expensive marketing campaigns across multiple countries, let your branded presswood pallets speak for you. Embossing your logo on high-quality pressed wood pallets means every person in the supply chain will come across your branding. Thus it is increasing your consumer touch points. Even the workers loading the products onto pallet racks build up an awareness of your brand.

presswood pallet machine

2. Reinforce your brand promises.

The products are ultimately going arrive at the target audience. Whatever your marketing message promise, your branded presswood pallets can go a long way to proving it. Imagine your shipment arrives a day ahead of when you promised. Your logo becomes synonymous with reliability which makes you stand out over your competitors.

3. Reduce investment.

On a practical level, branding your pressed wood pallets means they are easily identifiable as yours. With so many pallets being shipped every day, getting them back to the right person can get complicated. Clearly displaying your brand means your pallets should work their way back to you and allow you to recycle them.

4. Environmentally friendly.

Compressed wood pallets are a resource-friendly, wood-based recycling product, made from recycled waste wood from saw mills and industry. Old pallets which are no longer usable can be shredded and re-glued to make new compressed wood pallet. And the waste wooden pallets are only as the raw materials of compressed wood pallets.
PalletMach’ branding pallet solution is embossing are available on any order. To ensure you company’s brand is as far-reaching as your pallets. PalletMach is the professional manufacturer of presswood pallet machine.
Please get in touch with our team, to find out more about your own branded presswood pallets.

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