Plywood Mills in Malaysia and Indonesia Forced to Stop Production

presswood pallet machine
Some plywood mills in Malaysia and Indonesia were forced to stop production due to serious supply shortage. While all mills are in danger by the high log costs and the low sales prices for plywood products in both countries. As one of Malaysian newspaper reported, one of the big plywood mills has already stopped plywood manufacturing because of log supply shortage. The company used to supply approximately 4,000 m3 of structural and concrete forming plywood a month for the Japan market. Als...

Canadian Wood Recycling Industry Positions Itself for Growth

wood recycling industry
Wood recycling industry is developing well, but there are still some problems. The Canadian Wood Waste Recycling Business Group supports the “cascading use” model, whereby wood is recovered for the next most valuable alternative. There's a lot more to wood recycling than shredding, screening and grinding. The state of wood recycling continues to evolve. Practices are well established in the forest industry for converting sawmill residuals into fibre applications such as waste-to-pallet, bu...

Wood sawdust block pressing machine makes money from wood waste

wood sawdust block pressing machine
Wood sawdust block pressing machine is the machine to make pallet block for wood pallet. It is also called as sawdust block extruding machine, pallet block making machine, sawdust pallet block machine. And Shanghai Pallet Machinery is the professional sawdust block extruding machine suppliers in China. Besides, we are the comprehensive modern enterprise with the service of scientific research, design, manufacture, sales, installation, commissioning, worker training and so on. We also have mor...