Canadian Wood Recycling Industry Positions Itself for Growth

Wood recycling industry is developing well, but there are still some problems.

The Canadian Wood Waste Recycling Business Group supports the “cascading use” model, whereby wood is recovered for the next most valuable alternative.

There’s a lot more to wood recycling than shredding, screening and grinding. The state of wood recycling continues to evolve. Practices are well established in the forest industry for converting sawmill residuals into fibre applications such as waste-to-pallet, but overall, the development of wood recycling in Canada is still in its infancy.

Wood recycling industry infrastructure in Europe is much more advanced. In North America, it is that factors have slowed the momentum for wood recycling industry growth. Such as the relatively cheap availability of virgin timber and the acceptance of wood by landfills. However, interest has continued to grow. And it is helpful that the increasing corporate pursuit of zero-waste-to-landfill programs. Meantime, it has sustainability practices emerging in the construction industry to promote recycling. Besides, it has significantly boosted recycling efforts that landfill ban.

Changing Perspectives on Wood Recycling

Recent research supports the idea that the sustainability case for wood is improved through “cascading use.” This concept refers to the practice of recovering wood for the next most valuable alternative. Such an approach reduces the carbon footprint impact at each stage of use due to the availability of recycled material, which is much less carbon-intensive to produce.

Examples include lumber which can be reclaimed for reuse. In the next phase, unusable lumber that can be converted into chips for compressed wood pallet.

We are still a throw-away society. Tossing reusable material in the grinder makes us feel good that we are recycling and doing the right thing. But it might not be the best choice with respect to making the most money. It is choosing the ideal option to support sustainability, which wood waste into pallets. In the process, wood waste will increasingly be diverted from landfills. In addition, we can gain more money.

Focus on Three Core Activities for Wood Recycling Industry

It has identified three core business activities that support the growth of the Canadian wood recycling industry. These include the barn wood sector, as well as the remanufacturing and reprocessing industries. In all three sectors, wood is recycled into reusable wood products including new and used lumber, pellets, animal bedding and landfill cover, or it is used for fire log production. The three sectors are defined as below.

Barn wood: The business of reclaiming used wood into a barn wood inventory retail business platform. Inventory is sold as recycled renewable building products.

Remanufacturing: The business of creating a remanufacturing business platform, using a small portable wood sawmill. This includes sawmilling, kiln drying, milling the wood product into an inventory that is sold as recycled, renewable building products.

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Reprocessing: The business of creating a small portable reprocessing business platform, using the process of grinding, screening and/or shredding used end-of-life wood, which is sold as recycled wood product for developing reuse markets. Lumber is recovered from old structures, prepared by removing old fasteners, inventoried, priced and then retailed to the public from a storefront location. In some cases, reclaimed lumber is now also being offered by big box retailers at premium prices over new material.

In remanufacturing, portable sawmill units can provide entrepreneurs with the opportunity to resize recovered timber or urban logs for resale.

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