Wood sawdust block pressing machine makes money from wood waste

Wood sawdust block pressing machine is the machine to make pallet block for wood pallet. It is also called as sawdust block extruding machine, pallet block making machine, sawdust pallet block machine.

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There are a lot of wood wastes in the furniture factories and wood residues from lumber manufacturing facilities. Lumber manufacturing facilities generate large amounts of wood residues as a by-product of processing round logs into square and rectangular shaped lumber products.

wood sawdust block pressing machine

Wood sawdust block pressing machine makes money from wood waste

There are two basic ways that entrepreneurs make money from waste wood materials recovered from the construction waste stream:

1) Adding Value

This involves taking wood waste serve as raw material inputs to making pallet block. The examples are some firms make wood waste to produce pallet block. They collect wood waste, chip the wood into appropriate sized pieces and mix them with glue, use pallet block making machine to produce block.

materials for wood sawdust block pressing machine

2) Supplying a service that helps firms avoid waste disposal costs

The traditional processing method of waste wood is to burn or bury. But these two methods cannot solve the problem downright, which still will destroy the air, waste, soil. They also will cause the serious situation for the environment. For the furniture factories and other wood processing factories, waste disposal costs are very experience. However, pallet block making machine is helpful. The firms can use this machine to make wood waste into block.

Pallet block making machine can make wood waste become the renewable resources for wood pallet. In addition, it also makes a big difference to solve the shortage of raw materials.

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