Wooden Pallet is Preferable For Food Transportation

wooden pallet
New evidence confirms hygiene of wood in contact with fruits, fish and cheese. And wooden pallet is more hygienic and safer than plastic pallet. Recently, a presentation was given on the conclusions of an extensive three-year research initiative by the "EMABOIS" consortium, composed of 27 research projects that have led to several doctoral dissertations and scientific articles on wood. Their conclusions are in line with microbiological comparative work on fish packaging. EMABois, compo...

Wooden Pallet Machines are Best Option of Recycling Wood Waste

wooden pallet machines
Global countries produce a mass of wood waste every day. But how to deal with it more efficiently and profitably? Many companies are looking for the better ways. Now PalletMach provides wooden pallet machines for you, which is best option of recycling wood waste. How does the factory deal with these wood wastes? Burn it! Sell it! This is the more common answer. Burn out Most companies have their own drying workshops, which can provide part of the energy supply by burning wood scrap. Thi...

Compressed Wood Pallet Machine Deals With Lack of Logs for Pallets

compressed wood pallet machine
Compressed wood pallet machine is the ideal equipment for recycling wood waste. And it also can deal with the lack of logs for pallets. Meantime, wood pallet machine also can help sawmills to gain more profits. Lack of logs forces temporary shutdown of Sawmills in Canada. Mill anticipates May 7 start up. Sawmills in Canada is shutting down the mill for a week due to a shortage of logs available for purchase. The mill announced the temporary closure until May 7 in a press release Tuesday...