Compressed Wood Pallet Machine Deals With Lack of Logs for Pallets

Compressed wood pallet machine is the ideal equipment for recycling wood waste. And it also can deal with the lack of logs for pallets. Meantime, wood pallet machine also can help sawmills to gain more profits.

Lack of logs forces temporary shutdown of Sawmills in Canada. Mill anticipates May 7 start up.

Sawmills in Canada is shutting down the mill for a week due to a shortage of logs available for purchase.

The mill announced the temporary closure until May 7 in a press release Tuesday, saying the allowable annual cut provides only half of what they need to operate on one shift. The other half is purchased locally, but the vice president of operations said strong log export conditions and poor road conditions from a harsh spring breakup have resulted in a significant log shortage for local mills.

“A stable log supply is essential to local jobs, businesses and small communities like Terrace,” said Keery. “But our mill is at a competitive disadvantage as the current rules allow for some logs from the area to be exported before first being advertised to local mills.” Keery further noted that these rules are up for review by the Provincial Government in June.

Resolving the fibre shortage is critical for Skeena to continue to operate at current levels and provide the certainty to invest $40 million planned at the mill over the next few years, Keery said. A major focus of the investment is maximizing value through better use of the resource. Major investments include building a wood pallet plant and modernizing the mill’s operations to take advantage of smaller logs and lower grade pulp logs. The mill predicts investments will double production to 120 million board feet per year and create a second shift at the mill.

“Sawmills respects that log exports are an important part of the forest economy on the coast,” said the president and CEO of Sawmills. “But providing local mills with equal access to purchase those logs will create the conditions needed for investment and stable employment.”

As we all know there are a lot of leftover materials and scrap materials in the sawmills. But most of sawmills have the problems of how to deal with the wood waste. Today, PalletMach will give you some useful suggestion. And we hope to help you to settle the leftover materials disposal. Wood pallet machine is not only dispose leftover materials, but also gain more profits. Besides, the final compressed wood pallets are the better alternative to wooden pallets.

Why do you choose PalletMach compressed wood pallet machine?

compressed wood pallet machine

The raw materials of wooden pallets are logs or timbers, however, the price of timber is soaring. So, the price of wooden pallets is also rising sharply under the present condition. As everyone knows, the logs is a renewable resources. But in some cases, trees can take up to fifty years to reach maturity in order to be harvested for commercial use. As a tree grows it sequesters carbon from the atmosphere and that carbon is stored in the wood throughout its life cycle.

The carbon forms long chains that are the backbone to cellulose, which is the primary component of lumber that helps make it a strong and durable material. Many of the products and resources we use every day arrive at our local grocery stores by means of a wood pallet. Hence, wood pallets are a safe, durable, and sustainable way to transport goods and materials needed across the world.

Compressed wood pallet machine is the ideal equipment for wood waste solution. And it is also called presswood pallet machine, wood pallet molding machine, and molded wood pallet machine. In addition, PalletMach is the leading wood pallet machine manufacturer in China. And we have more than 15 years’ production experience.

Customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit. PalletMach has the professional pre-sale, sales and after-sales service team, and we will provide our clients with the most appropriate pallet making production lines and system solutions. What’s more, PalletMach constantly optimizes the service concept and service innovation to solve the problem of the customers.

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