Wooden pallet making machine for sale

Wooden pallet making machine is our featured product, also called wood pallet making machine. Wood pallet making machine meets the requirement of environmental protection. Pressed wood pallet is with the advantages of light, good integrity, no nails and thorns, non-toxic and tasteless, non-rot, east to clean, waterproof, anti-explosion and anti-skid, quarantine-free, high recycling value and so on. Compressed wooden pallet has been widely used in the storage and transportation of many industries such as food tobacco, pharamaceutical, chemical, machinery, electronic appliances, auto parts, beer and others, which greatly improve the work efficiency.

wooden pallet making machine
wooden pallet making machine for sale

The Four-Column Guide Device of wooden pallet making machine completely solved the problems of guide instability in process of pressing,inaccurate pressing of the upper mold and lower mold, and also the deformation of framework of assembled framework hydraulic press machine.

Wooden pallet parameter produced by wooden pallet making machine

General specification: 400mm×600mm, 600mm×800mm, 800mm×1000mm, 800mm×1200mm, 1000mm×1200mm, 1100mm×1100mm

The pallet weight varies from 10 ~22 kg.

The design of ARC edge, groove grider and ingenious and perfect stiffener rib makes the pallet whose loading capacity and pallet self weight can reach up to 60~80 tons (dynamic load) and 200~300 tons (static load), feature with light weight and high strength.

Anyway, we also provide plastic pallet making machine to produce plastic pallets. But the process has some different from wooden pallet process. If you are interested in our pallet making machine, please contact us [email protected].

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