Wooden pallet machine — efficient wood recycling equipment

Wooden pallet machine is designed to recycle wood, and is suitable for waste wood recycling. Wood pallet making machine is solving a large number of problems, such as waste wood is difficult to effectively use, land occupation, pollution the environment.

Waste wood recycling, makes the waste wood as the raw materials of pallet making machine. Meanwhile, it even to reduce landfill sites and other treatment methods become possible. Shanghai Pallet Machinery researches and develops wooden pallet machine, upholding the concept of high efficiency and environmental protection. Hence, we has updated the new generation of wooden pallet machine. And it not only can produce wooden pallet, but also can manufacture plastic pallet.


What are the features of wooden pallet machine?

Compared with the general pallet making equipment, the wooden pallet machine of Shanghai Pallet Machine is more suitable for dealing with the waste wood. Wooden pallet making machine is the ideal equipment of waste wood recycling.

The structure.

Wooden pallet making machine is 3-beam 4-column guide structure. This structure ensures the machine is higher precision, more steady, and less spare parts wear to longer the service life.

Environmental protection.

Wooden pallet making machine is adopting dust removal equipment to reduce equipment for environmental pollution. This machine meets and exceeds the national requirements of environmental protection standards. In the operation of the process it is not only saving costs, but also is in line with environmental requirements. So it is a double benefit to customers.

Production cost.

Wood pallet machine uses waste wood as raw materials, so it greatly lowers the production cost.

wooden pallet machine

How to choose wooden pallet machine?

For the selection of wooden pallet machine, it is better that you first figure out the production capacity, raw material, motor power, and so on. These data determines the desired model.

You could consult online and call us to buy the appropriate machine. In addition, Shanghai Pallet Machinery can design customized wooden pallet making machine according to the requirement of the customers.

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