How to make wood waste block machine to improve the economic value of waste wood?

Wood waste block machine is the important wood processing machine from China. Wood waste block making machine is with the great features of good quality, rational structure, and low price. Shanghai Pallet Machinery is one of famous wood block machine manufacturers in China. And we have more than 15 years’ production experience.

wood waste block machine

The use of wood waste block machine to improve the economic value of waste wood

  1. Shanghai Pallet Machinery develops the machine. The machine cuts wood offcuts or softwood into strips, sticks them together, and presses them into blocks.
  2. Wood waste block making machine make the economic value of waste wood better. Hence, it raises the price of wood blocks, and also improves the economic value of waste wood.
  3. Good quality of wood waste block making machine improves the utilization rate. Meanwhile, good efficiency will decrease the loss of economic value.
  4. Raw materials can also have a wealth of use value processed by wood block making machine. And the raw materials are waste wood, sawdust wood chips, wood shaving, wood chips, big chips, burned forest, logs, branches, wood flakes, and waste pallets, and so on. This machine can turn these wood waste materials into wood block, which add the economic value.
  5. The production cost of the machine is lower than others, so the investors can get more profits in the short time.

The raw materials of wood waste block making machine:

  Wood sawdust for block making machine

Shanghai Pallet Machinery provides efficient, safe and sustainable solutions in our customers’ machine. Besides, we contribute to a circular economy through our principles of recover, reuse, reduce and recycle. Sustainability becomes a business opportunity when you can add economic value to your sustainable efforts.

We are devoting ourselves to help our customers reduce costs, increase profits and protect environment. In addition, we are looking forward to your win-win cooperation.

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