Wood shaving block making machine turns shavings into blocks

Wood shaving block making machine is a kind equipment of turning wood shavings into blocks for pallet. And it is also called sawdust pallet block machine, pallet block extruding machine, pallet block machine, compress wood block making machine, and pressed pallet blocks machine. Besides, it is the ideal equipment for recycling wood waste.

Sawdust pallet block machine is used for making pallet blocks from various raw materials (wood shavings, sawdust, straw, rice husk). During the pressing process, the surface of long wood strips is smooth through high temperature and high pressure. So the final pallet blocks are ready for export because of free fumigation.

The type of final pallet block can be one hole in the center or without hole and the size ranges from 75*75-145*145 mm. Besides, 90*90 mm and 100*100 mm are the common styles

The main products of PalletMach: pallet block extruding machine, pallet block making production line, wood chipping machine, wood crusher, rotary drum dryer and glue mixer.

PalletMach sawdust pallet block machine is developed with high technology, high efficient, low energy consumption and stable performance. And we are keeping the concept of meeting consumer needs. Meanwhile, we also adhere to the point of recycling waste material and economy and practice. Hence, we offer you customized pallet blocks plans which can guide you to pay back your investment in short time.

PalletMach is a manufacturer of pallet block machine, design and development, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service in one. At the same time, we possess advanced technology, excellent testing equipment and technical guidance. We stick to the quality development, in good faith to win customer business purposes, and sincere cooperation. In addition, our aim is to offer the best machine and first-class service as always.

wood shaving block making machine

Wood shaving block making machine – turning wood wastes into pallet blocks

It is a worldwide issue of resource exhaustion and environmental degradation that we are facing with. And the pollution damage to global environment is growing. The only way to alleviate environmental crisis is disposing wood waste as soon as possible. Thus, it is time to pay more attention to turning shavings into money. Let’s start to turn free shavings, or wood wastes into treasures.

sawdust pallet block machine

Pallet block extruding machine can turn sawdust, waste wood, branches, rice husks, bamboo shavings, peanut shell, coconut shells, and the crops straw into useful and quality blocks.

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