Significance of wood sawdust block press machine in wood processing industry

Wood sawdust block press machine is more and more popular in wood processing industry. It is also called sawdust wood block making machine, sawdust block extruding machine, and wood block pressing machine. Then, this article will explain the significance of wood sawdust block press machine in wood processing industry.

Why does wood sawdust block press machine emerge?

The reasonable usage of those wood wastes is the troublesome problem for those wood processing manufacturers. There is no the suitable machine to deal with those wood wastes. But wood waste will pollute our surrounding environment. The rapid development of the urbanization construction brings along the beautiful building, while bringing along a mass of wood waste. The traditional processing method is to burn or bury, and this two methods cannot solve the problem downright. Hence, the wood waste still will destroy the air, water, soil, and even cause the serious situation for our living environment. Besides, wood waste is harmful to the sustainable development project.

wood sawdust block press machine

Wood waste is mainly including scrap of the wood, sawdust wood chips, wood shaving, wood chips, big chips, burned forest, wood board, branches, wood flakes, and waste pallets. And straw, waste kraft paper, wheat straw, bagasse, cotton straw, miscanthus and other crops straw are also wood wastes.

raw materials of wood sawdust block press machine


Wood sawdust block pressing machine emerges to deal with those wood wastes in the wood processing industry.

Advantages of wood sawdust block press machine

Sawdust block extruding machine is the new type machine for processing wood waste into pallet block. And this machine can make the waste become the useful blocks. The production cost is very low for the furniture factories or match factories. Because the raw materials are free. Meanwhile, sawdust wood block making machine helps to dispose the wood waste. Therefore, it helps to improve the workshop environment, and protect the workers’ health.

Wood block making machine can make those wood waste become good pallet block. The block is widely used in the logistics industry. In addition, sawdust block making machine makes a big difference to solve the shortage of production materials.

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