Prices for Wood Products Continue to Rise in June in Germany

In June 2018, German producer prices for commercial wood products continued to rise. Almost all figures show a rising trend compared to the previous year. In the short-term comparison with May there are also some declining values.

Construction-related products have developed noticeably more strongly than those that are more likely to be attributed to furniture production.

Compared to June 2017, only laminated particleboard reported a slight reductions as compared to the previous year. All other indices are rising. The largest increases show raw chipboard, narrow boards and construction timber.

wood products

Narrow boards have increased the most since May, followed by lumber and wood chips. In particular, pellets and small dimensions have but also finger-jointed sawn timber, construction timber and laminate flooring.

Producer price indices of industrial products (2000 = 100) Jun-17 Mai 18 Jun-18 Change % Jun17 – Jun18 Change % Mai18 – Jun18
Softwood, size>6mm, planed, sanded, finger-jointed 112,9 118,6 117,9 4,43% -0,59%
Spruce and Fir lumber (Picea abies Karst.) 117,1 121,3 122,1 4,27% 0,66%
Lumber according to DIN 4074/S10 115,3 119,1 120,7 4,68% 1,34%
Boards, width over 16 cm 120,8 125,4 125,4 3,81% 0,00%
Boards, width from 8 to 16 cm, size from 15 to 24 mm 110,2 113,9 116,4 5,63% 2,19%
Roof battens according to DIN 4074/S10 125,4 129,5 129,9 3,59% 0,31%
Stock squared timber, A/B, 10X10 – 12X12 113,7 118,1 118,2 3,96% 0,08%
Construction timber 102,3 107,9 107,6 5,18% -0,28%
Hardwood lumber 113,7 115,0 115,7 1,76% 0,61%
Beech blocks, A/B, size 50-60 mm, length 3m, damped 107,9 108,5 109,4 1,39% 0,83%
Beech frames, size 26-32 mm, length  3m, undamped 114,3 115,7 116,4 1,84% 0,61%
Wood chips from softwood 91,2 91,2 92,1 0,99% 0,99%
Particle boards, raw or sanded 106,3 118,3 119,0 11,95% 0,59%
Particle boards, laminated with decor 115,2 115,0 115,0 -0,17% 0,00%
HDF panels, size > 800 kg/m³, raw/sanded 114,4 114,5 114,6 0,17% 0,09%
Laminate floorings, density > 800 kg/m³ 110,3 111,6 111,5 1,09% -0,09%
Pellets and Briquets, compressed 108,6 113,7 112,2 3,31% -1,32%

What should we do to deal with prices of wood products rising?

As we all know, that wooden pallets are made of timbers. So the price of wooden pallets is also rising. But there is a better solution for this situation. We can produce pallets with wood waste, such as sawdust, wood chips, wood shavings, big chips, burned forest, wood board, branches, wood flakes, and waste pallets, and so on. Besides, anything that contains rich fiber also can be used to produce the pallets, such as straw, waste kraft paper, bamboo, palm trees, coconut, softwood, wheat straw, bagasse, and miscanthus, and so on. Hence, it can low the production cost of pallets.

presswood pallet machine

Presswood pallet machine characteristics

  1. High degree of automation

Presswood pallet machine adopts mechanical, pneumatic and electrical integration. And each action program controlled by the PLC system. Besides, it has simple and convenient touch-screen operation. In addition, it also can record and recall the

  1. Low cost and proper investment

Presswood pallet machine from PalletMach engages simple process flow and high efficiency. In addition, the raw materials of the machine are easy to get, which low the production cost. A lot of raw materials can be produced into presswood pallet. The raw material price is lower than the traditional pallet machine.

  1. Environmental protection

Presswood pallet machine is the ideal equipment for wood recycling. Our machine can change the waste into treasure, which process waste raw material into green presswood pallet.

Features of final presswood pallet

presswood pallet

  1. Space saving.

Same size of presswood pallets is nestable. And, they can be easily separated from a stack with a fork lift truck. Nesting pallets reduces storage space by up to 70% than conventional wooden pallets. For example, the height of 50 pieces of presswood nestable pallets is about 2.73 meters.

  1. Free fumigation and ready for export.

Presswood pallets are acceptable for export into all over the world. The high temperature and pressure manufacturing process makes the pallets free fumigation and burns out all insect and larval infestations. And it is not necessary that hot treatment for overseas, which will reduce the time and procedure of customs clearance.

  1. One-piece design, and security assurance.

Round edges design of presswood pallet is suitable for cargo safety, and perfect reinforcing rib to enhance loading ability. Accurate size with one time pressed, no bending. Meanwhile, it is one-piece design. There are no nails or staples to reduce product and package damage. And eliminating burrs help reduce employee and customer injuries.

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