What are the machines for wood pallet making machine line?

Wood pallet making machine line is the production line that designed to produce wood pallet. And wood pallet making machine is also known as wood pallet machine, wooden pallet moulding machine, and presswood pallet making machine.

Shanghai Pallet Machinery is the famous supplier of wood pallet making machine line. Nevertheless, there are few wood pallet making machine manufacturers in the world. The application of wood pallet is wide in warehousing and logistics industry. So the investment of wood pallet making machine line is lucrative. And you can get a good return on your investment.

We specialize in wood pallet making solution for 15 years. And we provide the on step solution including design, manufacturing and installation. What are the machines for wood pallet making machine line? The following will give the details.

Wood pallet making machine line consists of wood chipping machine, wood crushing machine, rotary drum drying machine, glue mixer, and wood pallet making machine, and other spare parts.

The raw materials of wood pallet making machine are spreading everywhere all over the world. So it will reduce the production cost to a large extent.

Wood chipping machine cuts the raw materials into chips, and then crushing machine crushes to shavings or small chips. They are all preparing for the material of wood pallet making machine. Rotary drum drying machine is used to dry the moisture of material before mixing. And glue mixer is mixing the dried materials with glue. Meanwhile, wood pallet making machine can produce wood pallet with high temperature and pressure.

wood pallet making machine line

Our advantages of wood pallet making machine line

  1. Advanced technology

We adopt new processing technology, and recycle the waste wood to produce wood pallet.

  1. High automation level

The production line is arranged with PLC system, to achieve automatic operation of the entire system.

  1. Mature experience

We have professional engineer team, mature experience. In addition, we have over 60 successful project cases at home and abroad. We can maximize your investment costs and meet the customized solution demand.

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