How to maintain wood pallet block machine?

Tips of wood pallet block machine maintenance

Wood pallet block machine is one of the most common sawdust wood pallet block making machine. It is essential that maintenance and repair of wood pallet block machine. As a consequence it is that good maintenance strategy and maintenance method can effectively prolong the service time of wood pallet block machine.

Shanghai Pallet Machinery is one of professional wood block machine manufacturers. And our production is competitive advantage. Let us get specialized knowledge of how to maintain wood pallet block machine.

wood pallet block machine

The maintenance of wooden pallet block machine can be divided into three periods: before operation, in operation and after operation.

Maintenance before operation:

  1. The operators should be familiar with the performance and structure of sawdust block machine. In addition, the operators should comply with the security rules and system.
  2. Check every parts of sawdust wood pallet block machine regularly, and ensure all of them accurate location.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to place any tools, devices, and debris on the machine. So that wood pallet block making machine is normal operation.
  4. Attention to the fire near the machine.
  5. Check the protection device. And ensure that the components are normal, and firmly.
  6. Check the power supply device is good, and then start the machine.

Maintenance in operation:

  1. Once there are abnormal phenomena in the wooden pallet block machine, it should immediately stop the machine. And then notify the maintenance staff.
  2. In the work, prohibit the hand or other items into the machine, so as to avoid man injury and machine damage.
  3. It must turn off the wood pallet block machine during the break.
  4. Abide the operating procedures strictly, to avoid personal injury in the work.

Maintenance after operation:

  1. Clean and keep wood pallet block machine at get off work. Besides, turn off the power.
  2. Turn off the power switch of sawdust block making machine, when checking and maintaining the machine.
  3. Check all parts of the machine regularly.
  4. The machine stops the production for more than 5 days (or humid environments, bad weather), to clean up in the raw materials and finished products in the mold wall in time. Furthermore, oil the mold inner wall to protect the mold from corrosion.

In conclusion, following the above methods can significantly extend the service life of wood pallet block machine. And the clients also can reduce the maintenance cost and production cost.

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