Wood block making machine for sale

Wood block making machine is mainly using wood shavings and other waste materials, mixing with the glue, through the hot press heating pressure to produce wood block, for wooden pallets.

wood block making machine
wood block making machine for sale

Wood block making machine for sale

  1. Crushing the material, if the material is bigger
  2. Drying the material by rotary drum dryer machine
  3. Mixing with the glue by glue mixer
  4. Heat pressing, and wood block is made

Wood block, the surface smooth and smooth, good waterproof (soak 48 hours without cracking, does not crack in the wind, also in the sun).

The main production specifications are: 75*75 mm, 80*80 mm, 90*90 mm, 90*120 mm, 100*100 mm, 100*115 mm, 100*140 mm, 140*140 mm, 150*140 mm and other models of wood block making machine and related specifications of the block products, various models can be customized according to customer requirements.

  • Machines are divided into: single-head, double-head, three-head.
  • Products are divided into: longitudinal hole type, and no hole type.
  • Heating type: electric heating, and heat conduction oil heating type.

Wood block machine structure is simple, easy to operate, and the production of wood chips. The final pallet blocks are clean and environmentally friendly, free fumigation, with non-absorbent, smooth surface, arbitrary cutting, high pressure, cheap, and so on.  Wooden pallets made by wood block making machine look beautiful, solid, and ready for export. Our block making machine has been exported to Europe and the United States, Japan, Korea and other countries and regions.

Market prospects, the pallet block making machine in line with national industrial development policy. Pallet block extruding machine is the first choice of wood products packaging enterprise product upgrades and private investment and set up factories.

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