How to use pallet machine effectively?

Pallet machine is more and more popular in the market. And more and more people want to know more about pallet making machine. Pallet machines of PalletMach are also divided to wood pallet machine, presswood pallet making machine, plastic pallet molding machine and so on. Therefore, how to use pallet machine effectively?

With high precision, high production efficiency, and good final pallet, presswood pallet making machine serves for making molded wood pallet. According to the research of PalletMach, it also play important roles that the installation and operating method in the effective usage of presswood pallet making machine.

pallet machine

Effective usage of pallet machine

Now let’s talk about what preparations we need do before starting up pallet machine.

  1. Check whether there are cumulate materials and foreign matters in the mould. And clear impurities from the mould.
  2. Check whether there is enough conduction oil in the oil tank. And the oil must be up to the standard after strict filtration into the tank. And the oil level should not lower than the oil standard indicating line. The oil temperature should be within the range of 15℃ ~ 60℃.
  3. Guarantee no pipeline leakage and failure of the oil pump and pipeline.
  4. Check whether screws of all parts are loose.
  5. Examine whether umbrella deck is loose and seriously worn.
  6. Lubricate slider guide sleeve and the column with oil regularly.
  7. Inspect the pressure gauge every six months.
  8. If presswood pallet making machine stop production for more than 5 days (or air humidity, bad weather), it should clean up the raw materials in the mould.

The correct operation is the security protection of equipment safe running. And PalletMach specializes in the production of plastic pallet molding machine. Plastic pallet molding machine is also popular among the market, which with the excellent quality and reasonable price.

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