Why semi-automatic wood pallet machines are the best choice?

Semi-automatic wood pallet machines are the distinctive pallet machine of Shanghai Pallet Machinery.

Why do you buy semi- automatic wood pallet machines from Shanghai Pallet Machinery?

Shanghai Pallet Machinery is the excellent wood pallet making machine in China. And we have more than 15 years’ experience of producing pallet machine. Besides, we are continuing to absorb foreign advanced technology, and independently research and development to upgrade new pallet machine.

Shanghai Pallet Machinery not only devotes to manufacture wood pallet making machines, but also hope be better in this industry. We bend ourselves to pallet machines with better service and better quality. So our companions can be the ideal pallet suppliers in their countries.

Normally wood chips and plant straws are the raw materials of press wood pallet. Shanghai Pallet Machinery tested different materials and expanded range of the raw materials. The raw materials can be wood waste board, sawdust and shavings, waste pallets, bagasse, wheat straw and cotton straw, waste furniture, and so on. However, the quality of final pallet is as good as the wood chips. And the final pallet has smooth surface and bearing force balance in vertical and horizontal.

semi-automatic wood pallet machines

The main advantages of semi-automatic wood pallet machines:

  1. New technology

We upgrade the new generation of pallet machine from the assembled framework hydraulic old traditional press machine. And we adopt the 3-beam 4-column guide device structure with better steadiness and precision. Meanwhile, the new technology improves the production efficiency of pallet machine.

  1. Low production cost

The raw materials of pallet machine are very easy to get. As for wood processing factories, furniture factories, and other relevant industries, the raw materials are even free. Wood pallet making machine can deal with wood waste and leftover materials. At the same time, they also can low the production cost and increase the returns.

  1. Good final pallet

The working of wood pallet making machines is high temperature and high pressure, so the pallet is free fumigation. The final pallets are also 30%-50% lighter than wooden pallets.

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