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PalletMach is a very dynamic company and the leading expert in the sawdust pallet feet machine manufacturing industry. All types of sawdust pallet feet machines from PalletMach have been exported to many countries and regions all over the world. And all pallet feet machines use only certified quality materials.

Because quality not only means to assure the safety of pallet feet machines, but also means to require the low maintenance and prolong the service life of pallet feet equipment. PalletMach offers a wide range of sawdust pallet feet machines to involve the different capacity of pallet feet production. At the same time, sawdust pallet feet machine can dispose the leftover materials in wood working industry. Also it has spectacular effect on environment protection. Therefore, it is very wise for you to buy pallet feet machine from PalletMach.

sawdust pallet feet machine

Advantages of sawdust pallet feet machine

  1. Simple machine, and easy operation.

One person could handle 3 machines.

  1. High efficiency.

The capacity is more than 1200 pieces per hour. Cross-section is completely vertical, reducing the previous cutting loss.

  1. Low investment cost.

The raw materials are very cheap, even free, so as to reduce the investment cost.

  1. Environment friendly.

Pallet feet machine could recycle the wood waste efficiently, which help to disposal wood waste and protect the forests and the logs.

  1. Free fumigation.

The pallet feet are made by hot pressing, so it is free fumigation. And the blocks are ready to export.

  1. Customized service.

The customized molds are available. In addition, one machine could make two different sizes feet.

final pallet blocks

Generally, different types of sawdust pallet feet machines have different capacity. Not only can a small pallet feet plant be able to equipment, but also automatic production line can be. For capacity of 2-4 m3 press pallet feet per day, we recommend the semi-automatic production line. For 4-8 m3, automatic production line with special solution will be suitable for you. More than 10 m3, we will make a wonderful automatic production line for your large scale plan.

Do you want to buy sawdust pallet feet machine with high quality and make more money through your pallet feet machines? If you really want to do so, please choose PalletMach and contact us without hesitation. You will never regret your investment.

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