Clients from Russia Visited Wood Pallet Equipment Plant

The clients from Russia visited PalletMach wood pallet equipment plant on 17th April, 2018. And they had a nice visit and a good day.

The company of Russian clients involves in many fields like agricultural machines, forest industries, and so on. But, they also want to build automatic molded wood pallet production line. They have their own farmland and forest region. Raw materials are sufficient for them to be produced molded wood pallet.

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The Russian customer is satisfied with the performance of molded wood pallet machine after testing them. And they also spoke highly of the working conditions, and the equipment construction. And we also introduced molded wood pallet machine to our Russian clients in detail. But, they know little about our new wood pallet equipment. However, they just know about the traditional wooden pallet machine.

Currently we are still discussing with the customer on wood pallet machine price and the payment. We hope to reach an agreement with customers as soon as possible. What’s more, both of us expect to achieve win-win cooperation.

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Molded wood pallets are more and more popular all over the world, especially in Europe and North America. Not merely because the features of molded wood pallets, but they are made of waste wood. The following is the features of molded wood pallets.

Features of molded wood pallets produced by wood pallet equipment

  1. Low cost.

The raw materials of molded wood pallets are waste wood, crap of the wood, sawdust wood chips, wood shaving, wood chips, big chips, raw wood, burned forest, logs, wood board, branches, timber, wood flakes, and waste pallets, and so on. So the product cost of molded wood pallets is lower than the traditional wooden pallets. The final molded wood pallets are molded pallet without nails, and they are reused and recycled. Besides, they do not poison the environment when they are broken. Additionally, the broken pallets are also the raw materials for the new pallets. Hence, it also meets the circular economy. Moreover, molded wood pallet making machine is the ideal equipment for wood recycling.

  1. Excellent design.

They are one-piece design. And they are no nails or staples, so as to reduce product and package damage. Eliminating sharp edges helps reduce employee and customer injuries.

  1. Space saving.

Molded wood pallets are nestable and stackable with a space saving ratio of 4-1. For example, the height of 20 pieces of molded nestable pallets is about 0.75 meter. However, the height of 20 pieces of traditional wooden pallets is 2.7 meters. So they can save space greatly in the warehouse and in transportation.

  1. Exported worldwide.

Molded wood pallet equipment builds the molded wood pallet with high pressure and high temperature. And it is one time forming pallet. The final pallet meet ISPM15, and is ready for export. Hence, it will save a lot of time required for the customs clearance process. They are free fumigation, so it is not necessary that additional treatment for overseas shipping.

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  1. Customize design and size.

We also can create special molds for custom designs or sizes. And the customized service is available according to your special requirement.

PalletMach is the leading molded wood pallet equipment manufacturer in China. And our clients are from Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, France, Finland, Poland, Greece, Romania, Tunisia, South Africa, Iran, Pakistan, and so on.

PalletMach is looking forward to your visit.

If you have any question, please contact us via email [email protected].

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