Presswood Pallet: the Best Option for Your Business

Presswood pallet is more and more popular in logistics and warehouse industries. It not only can make you work smart, but also can save money for you. Another choice, you can build your own presswood pallets with low cost. Besides, PalletMach is the leading manufacturer of presswood pallets machine with more than 15 years’ production experience. In addition, PalletMach can provide the one stop solution for presswood pallet.

The concept of working smarter not harder applies to practically every industry and work activity. This includes work performed in the warehouse. The goal is keeping an advantage on your competition and maintaining a profitable bottom line. Working smarter not harder applies all the way down to deciding the best rack system and pallet for your application.

You mean there are options for pallets when it comes to racking? Well, yes, but let’s be clear. The largest determining factor for selecting pallets is the load. Are you storing containers of goose down or foam rubber? Your load makes a big difference.

Pallet options

It should come as no surprise that wood pallets are the most popular. The 2017 survey reported 93 percent of companies surveyed use wood pallets in logistics and warehouse. Plastic pallets are also popular, garnering 45 percent usage followed by 18 percent who also use a presswood pallet and 10 percent using metal pallets.

But what works best for goods in pallet business? The answer is simple: that depends.

Wood pallets

wood pallets

Wooden pallets are the most popular for one main reason—cost. While subject to fluctuations in the market, wood pallets are readily available. Wood pallets have a price point between $5 and $25, depending whether the pallet is recycled (used) or new. This translates into a low-cost option for protecting products, and the investment was low enough to have minimal impact on overall cost.

Most wood pallets are considered a “one-way” or single use pallet. It is possible to get more use of the pallet, but the cost is generally covered in the first trip, making additional trips/use almost free. The challenge with wood pallets is durability. These pallets splinter and/or chip due to use and abuse in the warehouse, often from forklifts. This frequently weakens the wood pallet making each increasingly unstable while creating safety and maintenance concerns for employees and equipment.

Plastic pallets

plastic pallets

Plastic pallets are more expensive than wood pallets, sometime two, three, or four times or more expensive. This is why many companies investing in plastic pallets consider the product a multiple use item. But plastic pallets offer benefits standard wood pallets lack. Durability is one. Plastic pallets generally are more resistant to abuse occurring in the warehouse. There is no splintering to create safety issues for workers or machinery as compared to wood pallets. Many companies use plastic pallets up to 20 times longer than its wood counterpart does. However, plastic pallets cannot always tolerate some loads when resting in pallet racks.

Metal pallets

Metal pallets are the most expensive option. A metal pallet is the most durable and best able to handle the demands of heavy loads. Meantime, the metal pallet is generally used for very specialized applications.

Presswood pallet

presswood pallet

Stronger and slightly more durable, presswood pallets provide an alternative to traditional wood pallets. Meanwhile, these pallets are more resistant to damage and stronger. But the price of timbers is soaring all over the world. Therefore, the shortage of wood pallets also becomes the new problem. However, presswood pallets are made from wood waste, and they are unacted on the rising price of timber.

At the same time, the investment of presswood pallets is lower 50% than the traditional wood pallets. If you are already involved wood working industry, such as sawmills, furniture factories, or others, the investment is little. You just need one set of presswood pallets machine, which can dispose the leftover materials. But it also can help you to gain more profits.

presswood pallet machine

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