Presswood Pallet Plant That PalletMach Had Invested In is Running Well in China

Presswood pallet plant is running well in Wuzhi, China, which PalletMach had invested in. And the new presswood pallet factory has produced compressed wood pallet from June, 2018. Besides, this presswood pallet project is the professional production line with the annual capacity of 200,000 pieces molded industrial pallets.

The industrial molded pallet project is the production line of the annual capacity of 200,000 molded pallets. Taking the opportunity of developing a circular economy and sharing the economy as the driving force to realize the recycling of industrial waste. At the same time, the raw materials of wood waste, agricultural residues, wood scraps, processing residues, secondary processing materials, and small diameter materials, are also can be produced into molded wood pallets. And the process is one-time closed molding method. In order to the comprehensive utilization of agricultural and forestry resources and industrial waste materials, meantime, protecting the ecological environment, and give full play to the multiple effects of agricultural and forestry resources.

presswood pallet plant

PalletMach is the pioneer in the entire standardized pallet manufacturing industry, and has created the precedent for large-scale production. The molded wood pallet project has a positive demonstration role in promoting regional economic development, increasing local fiscal revenue, and stimulating economic growth. At the same time, it also promotes standardized mass production of presswood pallets and lays the foundation of intelligent standardized logistics and warehousing.

Features of presswood pallet produced by presswood pallet plant

  1. Save space

The same size of presswood pallets can be stacked together and easily separated by a forklift. And the height of 50 pieces of presswood pallet is about 2.37 meters. Besides, the bottom of the molded wood pallet meets the international standards. And it is also suitable for standardization of international manual and automatic forklifts.

presswood pallet

  1. Light weight

Molded wood pallets are 60% lighter than the traditional wooden pallets, but with the same load-bearing capacity.

  1. New design

The molded pallet adopts the rounded, no-nail design with ribs for a significant increase in load capacity. At the same time, presswood pallet is with precise one-time molding, so not easy to bend.

  1. Safe and reliable

Compressed wood pallets are the one-piece design with no nails or other impurities, so effectively reducing damage to goods and packaging. The absence of burrs and burrs also reduces injuries to wokers.

  1. Green

Compressed wood pallet is the resource-friendly product, which is wood recycling and reusing product. And the raw materials are the waste wood recycled from the wood processing industry such as sawmills. At the same time, presswood pallet plant is the typical case of recycling of industrial waste.

  1. Easy to export

The moulded pallets comply with the ISPM15. And it is also exempt from fumigation and can be directly exported. The high temperature and high pressure production process effectively kills any insects and microorganisms remaining in the wood, and also effectively prevents the re-propagation and invasion of any insects.

  1. Quality assurance

The low moisture content of the molded pallets reduces the risk of damage to the item. At the same time, the waterproof performance is also good, not easy to mold, and also can be used multiple times. The pallets are not hygroscopic, non-deformable, waterproof, insect-proof, termite-proof, anti-corrosive, and non-flammable.

  1. Recyclable and reusable

The molded wood pallet can be recycled and reused. All broken wooden pallets can be used as raw materials to make new molded pallets. It can realize recycling, re-recycling and reuse, without pollution, and the recovery rate can reach 100%. Thus it meets the requirements of world environmental protection.

  1. Excellent dynamic and static load performance

The dynamic load of molded wood pallets is up to 2 tons, and the static load is over 11 tons.

  1. Competitive price

The price of molded wood pallets is 30%-50% lower than the traditional wooden pallets.

In a words, PalletMach is the professional manufacturer of presswood pallet machine, with more than 15 years’ production experience.

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