Plastic pallet moulding machines are the new product from China

Plastic pallet moulding machines are the new type of producing press plastic machine. And press plastic pallet machine is the one time forming plastic pallet machine with high pressure. This article will summary the features of plastic pallet making machine.

Suitable raw materials for plastic pallet moulding machines:

PVC, PP, PS, HIPS, PET, APET, PETG, waste plastic, HDPE scrap,  PET cold wash piece, PE scrap, PP scrap, PVC wire skin,  woven bags,  glass fiber yarn waste,   circuit board, battery jar ABS particle, mineral water bottles, plastic bottles, waste plastic pallet, and so on.

plastic pallet moulding machines

Features of plastic pallet moulding machines:

  1. The structure of plastic pallet moulding machines adopts mechanical, pneumatic and electrical combination. And the frame adopts 3-beam 4- column structure with good strength, rigidity and precision retaining ability. Hence, it solves the transfiguration of the framework, so lengthens the service life of plastic pallet making machine.
  2. PLC system controls all actions with touch screen operation, which is easy and convenient. And all production data can record and recall any time. Besides, it also save the worker cost and the production time.
  3. Production counting, which can auto-stop or alarm in advance. And the motor controlling parts equip thermal protector and breaker. So it can protect the motor will not break when overload and have the protection measures of overload and short circuit.
  4. The hydraulic transmission is adjustable, and accurate and steady running. In addition, it is with small flow resistance, sensitive and reliable work.
  5. The hydraulic columns have the nice characteristics with nice rigidity, wear–resistance and exact guiding performance.
  6. All the parts are modules design, which makes the installation and maintenance is very easy.
  7. All press plastic pallet machine is with tailor-made mould. And the mould is engraved by a whole high strength thick steel plate with strong resistance to high pressure. So it has higher strength.

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