Plastic pallet moulding machine reduces the production cost

Plastic pallet moulding machine is a kind of one time forming pallet making equipment. And it is also called plastic pallet making machine, plastic pallet machine, and plastic compressed pallet machine.

But there are certain shortcomings of the traditional plastic pallet machine. Shanghai Pallet Machinery improves and optimizes the original plastic pallet machine. Our new plastic pallet moulding machine adopts three-beam four-column structure. This structure is the core competitive of our press technology.

The four-column structure not only provides stable support, but also ensures precise guide. So that the movement of each sliding part is more stable, the parts wears reduce. Therefore, the service life of the machine is longer.

The transformation of plastic pallet moulding machine is the mould.

Our moulds adopt overall molding technology process. We engrave a whole high strength steel board with resistance of high temperature and high pressure into mould. The mould has a better thermal conductivity, and the mold temperature is more uniform. What’ more, the thermal efficiency of the mould is higher, with better insulation performance.

Plastic pallet moulding machines have the higher precision, so as to improve production capacity.

Plastic pallet moulding machine reduces the product cost

Raw materials are easy to get, and spreading all over the world, which lower the investment. Normally thermoplastic plastics are the raw materials, such PE/PP, whose price is experience. Shanghai Pallet Machinery expanded the raw materials to waste plastic.

plastic pallet moulding machine

The price of waste plastic is lower 50% than thermoplastic plastics. We can use waste plastic to produce pallet. Raw materials are waste plastic, HDPE scrap, PET cold wash piece, PE scrap,      PP scrap, PVC wire skin, woven bag, plastic bottles, plastic pallet, and so on.

Shanghai Pallet Machinery has years of experience in research and development of plastic pallet moulding machine. Besides, Shanghai Pallet Machinery expertise is the improvement and optimization of plastic pallet making machine. Our company can provide customized plastic pallet machine according to the specific needs of customers.

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