Main strengths of plastic pallet molding machine

Plastic pallet molding machine is not as popular as the traditional pallet injection molding machine. But more and more people get to know plastic pallet pressing machine on account of its unique advantages.

Compared with the traditional plastic pallet, press plastic pallet owns competitive advantages. The price of press plastic pallet is 50% cheaper than the tradition one. And the weight of press plastic pallet is 60% lighter. Besides, press plastic pallet is nestable, which is saving space in the transportation and warehouse.

Plastic pallets have a wide application in the chemical, food, biological medicine, automobile manufacturing, electrical and electronic, logistics and warehouse and other industries. At the same time, plastic pallet pressing machine has its special advantages. The following will give a brief analysis.

plastic pallet molding machine

Plastic pallet molding machine strengths

First of all, plastic pallet pressing machine can reduce the transportation, installation and maintenance. So the price of the machine is cheaper than pallet injection molding machine. Meanwhile, plastic pallet pressing machine adopts three-beam four- column structure, which with smooth operation and reliable work. What’s more, the stable structure increases the production capacity of 5% -7%.

Secondly, the mold is the whole high strength steel board with resistance of high temperature and high pressure. Hence the final plastic pallet is good performance.

Thirdly, the raw materials of plastic pallet pressing machine are all plastic materials. They are waste plastic, plastic bags, plastic bottles, waste plastic pallet, PE scrap, PVC wire skin and so on. Consequently, the production cost reduction is greatly obvious.

At last, the optimization of plastic pallet pressing machine production process. Therefore, it improves the working efficiency and greatly reduces the power consumption.

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