Plastic pallet maker machine is with higher automatic level

Plastic pallet maker machine is designed to produce pressed plastic pallet. But plastic pallet machine from PalletMach is different from the traditional plastic pallet injection molding machine. However, plastic pallet maker machine is with higher automatic level from PalletMach.

Plastic pallet machine is very popular in the market. With the continuous development and technological improvement, plastic pallet machines get more and more attention in recent years. And the performance of it is more advanced than that of the outdated ones. However, few manufacturers can provide this machine to the customers. It requires higher technological skills because of its unique technological process. PalletMach is one of the most famous manufacturers owning the strong strength.

plastic pallet maker machine

Higher automatic level plastic pallet maker machine

PalletMach innovated plastic pallet machine on the basis of the former generation. And it is vertical structure of four-column hydraulic press machine. Besides, it consists of the frame, oil cylinder, the hydraulic power system and electrical system and other accessories.

  1. Structure.

The frame adopts three-beam four-column structure with good strength, rigidity and precision retaining ability. Hence, the frame is stronger, and the service life of all the machine is longer. So, you can save the product cost of the whole machine and plant.

  1. Hydraulic system.

Separate hydraulic systems, with compact structure, small flow resistance, sensitive and reliable work. And sealed performance is good, easy maintenance, and long service life. Besides, working pressure is adjustable within the scope of the parameter. Therefore, you can adjust the pressure according to your production status.

  1. Control system.

Control cabinets can be automatic and manual control.

3.1 Automatic control mode: press the automatically start button, then the machine will complete the whole process of pressed plastic pallet production.

3.2 Manual control mode: manual button can control the mold up and down and unload the pressed plastic pallet.

Meanwhile, the control system help you to save the workers and the energy consumption.

  1. Safe device.

The motor controlling parts equip thermal protector and breaker. So it can protect the motor will not break when overload. At the same time, it has the protection measures of overload and short circuit. While, it has overflow valve for the rise and fall of cylinder to ensure overload pressure.

Over pressure protection: the equipment will stop working when the pressure is over set pressure.

Why choose plastic pallet maker machine from PalletMach

In summary, plastic pallet making machine is playing the important role in pallet machine industry. And the tendency of the whole pallet machinery is developing towards to the automation, intelligence, lower consumption. Hence, choosing plastic pallet making machine from PalletMach will not let you down.

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