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FREE Spare Parts

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One set of spot pallet machinery for sale. And the spot price of composite pallet pressing machine is cheaper than other machines. The clients can get a 10% discount. The following is the detail.

Name: pressed wood pallets moulding machine

The size of the mold: 1000*1200 mm

Delivery: 20 workdays

Warranty: 1 year

Price: 10% OFF of the ex-factory price and 15% OFF for the current clients

Besides, all the spare parts are free, and the client just pays freight only. The installation is also free. At the same time, PalletMach also provide the client with free maintenance annually.

pallet machinery for sale

Benefits of PalletMach pallet machinery for sale

  1. Stable structure.

PalletMach composite pallet pressing machine adopts three-beam four- column with good strength, rigidity and precision retaining ability. The structural stability is increasing 75% than the former generation. And it solves the problem of the frame deformation thoroughly.

  1. High precision.

The forming precision is increasing 50%, which avoids the rough and sharp edge and saves grinding labor cost.

  1. Longer service life.

The service life of composite pallet pressing machine is longer 80%, so creating much value for next 10 year.

  1. High automatic degree.

One start to produce one pallet, which avoids harm to main press machine and burn damage to pallet surface.

  1. Low production cost.

Pressed wood pallets moulding machine from PalletMach engages simple process flow and high efficiency. In addition, the raw materials of the machine are easy to get, which low the production cost. Therefore, PalletMach tested different materials and expanded range to wood waste board, sawdust and shavings, waste pallets, bagasse, wheat straw and cotton straw, waste furniture and so on. However, the raw material price is lower than the traditional pallet machine.

Please contact us as soon as possible, if you are interested in our composite pallet pressing machine.

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