Huge Wood Demand for Pallet Machine Manufacturer in China

PalletMach is the leading pallet machine manufacturer in China. And we have more than 15 years of production experience. Besides, our main items are presswood pallet machine, pressed wood pallet machine, double-mould wood pallet machine, pallet block machine, double-head pallet block machine, and so on.

Pallets are essential in logistics operations. And it has been estimated that at the end of 2017 the stock of pallets in China exceeded 1.263 billion pieces. Also, wooden pallet accounted for 73% with plastic pallets taking up most of the balance.

Wooden pallets are said to have a cost advantage. In China, the price for a wooden pallet is around RMB150 but for plastic pallet, the price is over RMB250. The demand for wood for pallet machine manufacture is huge. And pallet manufacturers warn that pallet prices will rise as the landed cost of timber imports rise.

Logistics enterprises plan to address this by switching to pallets from alternative materials.

The analysis shows that the annual cost of plastics pallets is lower than wooden pallets because of improved service life. Moreover, plastic pallets can be cleaned and used for the transport of fresh food, medicines and other perishable goods.

Presswood pallets are also the better alternatives. The following will show the benefits of presswood pallets.

Benefits of presswood pallets

Presswood pallets are made by molding damaged logs, wood waste and other wood by-products into new export pallets. The environmentally responsible process uses less energy and recycles wood products, making presswood pallets a perfect fit for companies green.

  1. Cost-effective

With presswood pallets already prepared for export, customers don’t have to worry about additional certification requirements. Presswood pallets are an alternative to the traditional wooden or expensive plastic pallets.

compressed wood pallet

  1. Nestable design

Pressed wood pallets save space at a ratio of 4-1, which allows customers to utilize more of their warehouse with products, rather than pallets.

presswood pallets

  1. Safety conscious

The rounded corners reduce the risk of employees injuring themselves on sharp corners, and the one-piece design requires no nails or staples. This protects both employees and the product being shipped.

pressed wood pallet

  1. Lightweight but durable

Pressed wood pallets are durable enough for reuse while also weighing 60% lighter than conventional hardwood pallets.

presswood pallet

PalletMach is one of the top 10 pallet machine manufacturers in the world. And our presswood pallet machine is the third generation of wood pallet machine.

pallet machine manufacturer

PalletMach solves the first generation of system stability problems, the second generation of raw materials problems and the third generation of the average daily output problems. Currently, our Raw Materials R & D department is experimenting with the pallet synthesis processes without glue. Soon after, environmentally friendly molded pallets will be put into production. Hence, PalletMach will provide all customers with the formulations of pallet raw material without glue.

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